I’m a candle snob. I’ve been a candle snob for nearly my entire life. It started when I was young and my mom bought me some cheap votives from the grocery store, which immediately made me realize that there are two different kinds of candles: ones that smell good and ones that don’t. Since then, I have been on a never-ending quest to find the best scented candles out there—and what makes them so good.

The Best Candles are Hand Poured

Hand poured candles are more expensive, but they’re also better for the environment. Hand poured candles are made by dripping wax into a mold and letting it cool before piling on more wax to create the desired shape. This process is slow, which means that your candle will be made with less chemicals and toxins than an industrially produced one—and it will retain its scent throughout its burning life. The labor involved in hand pouring also requires more skill and attention than machine pouring does, so you can rest assured that your candle maker took pride in his or her work! Bougee Girl Candles Are Hand Blended And Poured!

Quality Wax

The quality of wax is the most important factor in making a luxury candle. In most candles, paraffin wax is used. Paraffin wax has a high melting point, which makes it ideal for creating flames that burn hot and bright. However, this same characteristic also means that paraffin burns out quickly and requires frequent relighting during use.

Paraffin is cheap to produce and easy to make; therefore most candles are made using this material. However, there are other types of waxes available on the market today that better fit the needs of those looking for something more luxurious than their standard candle purchase. Bougee Girl Candles Use Pure Bees Wax And Pure Coconut Wax

Using the Best Fragrances

The quality of fragrance is very important to many candle buyers, and it should be to you too. This means that you should look for candles that use natural fragrances instead of synthetic ones. Natural fragrances are created from pure essential oils extracted from plants or flowers, while synthetic fragrances are made through the mixing of chemicals in a laboratory.

If you love perfumes as much as I do, then the next thing to consider is whether the candle’s scent matches those found in high-end perfumes and colognes. If so, then it can be said that this luxury candle has a quality fragrance that will delight even the most discerning nose! Bougee Girl Candles Use Natural Chemical Free Fragrances! No Toxic Chemicals!

When buying luxury candles, the quality of the ingredients is important.

When buying luxury candles, it is important to consider the quality of the ingredients.

Candles should be made with high-quality fragrances that are natural and not artificial. They should also be hand poured into molds instead of being produced by machines. A good luxury candle will have a burn time of at least 50 hours and can be re-used as an accent piece or art object once it has been used up. Bougee Girl Candles Use The Best Ingredients Money Can Buy!


If you want to invest in luxury candles, Bougee Girl Candles is your Choice! it’s important to consider the quality of the ingredients. Hand-poured candles are made with higher-quality wax and fragrance oils. They burn more slowly than mass-produced candles which means they last longer too! When shopping for your next candle, be sure to look for one that’s been hand poured by a skilled artisan who takes pride in their work—that way you can rest assured knowing that what you’re getting is worth every penny spent on it.


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