What is it like to date an extremely attractive man?

I used to date an extremely handsome guy. He was my first love from matric to college,and I was super jealous. Girls would ask me if he is my boyfriend,and they would jokingly say they’re gonna steal him from me. Unfortunately,he passed away. I couldn’t even attend his ‘actual’ funeral because I was a mess. I went to his home before his burial just have closure. I still miss him very much and I’ve tried to move on,but I just cannot…..

I did date a ridiculously handsome man and it was a horrible experience because i felt inferior all the time, i was convinced that he would cheat and i was alert all the time because of his many fangirls. The worst thing is that he was an incredible man, down to earth, smart and funny but i had a very low self esteem and alwayq felt inferior which i couldn’t handle so i broke up with him because i was convinced that he would do it eventually. He was really surprised, tried to figure out the problem but i pushed him away. I really regret it but i managed to become friends with him later and that’s when i discovered how genuine he was and that i made really terrible senarios because i was an insecure person. Dating a very attractive man can be amazing if you are a confident person but can turn to hell if you have low self esteem……..

I married one 12 years ago, we are still married, he is still beautiful.
It’s irritating. Women stare and tell you how good looking they are. Coworker ladies make him cookies and special treats. My sister in law has been in love with him for years admiring him from afar. Gay friends flirt with him. He poses for picks like a model. It’s annoying. I used to wish he’d get chubby to humble him a bit, but no such luck. Another sad thing is that I can look at male celebrities and none of them are as handsome as my husband so some of the fun is taken out of that as well.


 I dated and now married to quite a handsome man. What it is like? Quite fun! I met him when I 19 years old (on my 19th birthday to be exact) and even though it may sound a little too cliched, I instantly knew that this is the kind of guy I’d like to marry and spend the rest of my life with. He is handsome by the definition but what made him ‘extremely attractive’ for me was the fact that he was so calm and grounded, looked so confident and I felt like I could just open up to him without being judged and I did and never regretted it a bit.

So just talking about the looks, it is a little tricky at times when you know that other women are lusting over him. I have had times when I couldn’t believe he wont be interested in anyone else other me because why not? He can get anyone he wants to and he does have quite a lot of hot friends! So the biggest con of being married or dating an attractive man is the insecurity. In our relationship, we have worked on it and I have overcome it to quite an extent with lots of talking and sharing my fears with him. There are still times when I get a little icky about his friends being too nice to him but he balances it out well by making sure no boundaries are crossed. On the brighter side, knowing that he chose to marry me out of all is a boost for my own self esteem!

 The most attractive man I dated was a male model. It didn’t last long.

He was a bartender, and was easily the most attractive man in the bar. He was beautiful and he knew it. He was the cockiest man I’ve ever met.

He refused to ask me on a date, but instead sort of demanded/asked when I would be going for coffee with him. The date itself was so boring. He just talked about himself the whole time, there was no real conversation. He revealed that he kept a bag full of girls numbers he got while at work, and showed me a picture of it (ew). I learned he had no goals in life except to bartend and model forever.

I went on a few more dates with him, but he wasn’t interesting and made me feel like it was a privilege to date him. He was very entitled. He complained that I wouldn’t give him a blowjob.

I couldn’t be bothered to continue with him, and was not surprised that he stopped contacting me. I later learned that he gave me an STI.


i’m going to come out and say that dating an extremely attractive man is hard. But, it’s only hard because of me.

My boyfriend is super hot. He’s attractive in all the ways one can be attractive: physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

I’m not the only one who sees it this way. He’s been with quite a few women. Many of whom were also very attractive. He’s also so attractive that I can pretty safely assume he can pick up just about any girl he wants.

I have a lot of self esteem issues, so it’s difficult for me to date an extremely attractive man. It would probably be difficult for me to date at all, but the fact that if we broke up he could easily find someone smarter and hotter than me eats me inside. And it isn’t just this horrific future I’ve envisioned that consumes me. I know he’s been with women who fit these descriptors as well- women smarter and hotter than me- and so I can’t help but feel that I am not enough for him now.

I’m really unstable and neurotic. It’s terrible, because I know that I’m just being silly.

Other than these issues I have when it comes to dating an extremely attractive man, there are definitely some pros to his extreme levels of attractiveness.

For example, I get to brag to my friends about his perfect figure and intelligence.

I also get to call him my boyfriend.

The fact that I get to love him makes up for any of the negative emotions that come with dating my extremely attractive man.


I have dated and had relationships with probably around 5 or 6 over-the-top, flawless, take your breath away (literally), gorgeous men. A couple were models with good reason that they were. My take on it all is this:
* everytime they come into your view, its like the universe is sending an angel to you. A feast for the eyes. Magic in a body. Visual overstimulation to say the least- where to focus? ..the sexy eyes, the perfect gleaming teeth, the oh-so-perfect hair, the chiseled jaw, the hot, jacked body (you get the point)…

* Yep, you have to get used to all the other womens stares, gasps, points AND questions. Many women want to know all the details about him and how you met him ,where, when , why etc etc. Oh, and let us not forget the other MEN who hit on my bf’s- often right in front of me! Anyone else notice a correlation between uber-attractive males and their sexuality? A walk down any well-known street in a Gay community will provide oodles of anecdotal evidence- trust me! I’m surmising that the high attractiveness factor of my bf’s indicated “gay” (or at least bi-sexual) to other gay men.

* the world DOES throw itself at his (and by default ) OUR feet. Doors (figuratively speaking) are opened, drinks and dinners are comped, requests to events are never-ending. It seems that many people want to be around or do favours to those they consider beautiful.

* My men friends would always presume the guy was a dick. THEY never asked me any real questions about him, lol. Just an immediate referencing to me something along the lines of “so hows Mr. Arrogant?’ ” why you with such a douchebag?” ” you break up with that conceited asshole yet?”.

* Both men AND women said he was not to be trusted.

* My own level of physical care and concern and fitness was kept at an all time high! Not that I am normally a slouch anyways and I do keep good care of myself- but the ‘relax’ look of messy bun hair and ill-fitting clothing was not an option. Hanging out with beautiful people requires next-level primping and priming. Is this a good or bad thing? Only we can decide that for ourselves I think.

* Eventually the reality of his personality/lifestyle knocks one back to reason and a questioning of whether he is right or not as a partner. It goes without saying that Looks alone do not a strong relationship make. Beautiful men are not immune to character flaws and just like the rest of us- yep, they got them too. I personally don’t think its fair to default label them all as eventually becoming cocky, self-centered, uncaring or narcissistic. Sure- some certainly do have those negative traits, but others have had other repelling traits that are just as much a turn-off: workaholism, alcoholism, stupidity, flakiness, etc etc. In short- they can be like any other man but just with God-blessed physical looks on their side.

* I think they have all shared to me their insecurities. They wonder if they are only liked by women for their looks, they worry about getting older/fatter/bald/grey, they ALWAYS question your commitment to them, and they feel that failure is not an option in any regard because of the pedestal so many put them on. Au contraire- that ONLY full SUPERsuccess can be their outcome in life.
As well they often feel they have to approach other men with their guard up right from the get-go. I think this speaks to the common dynamics of regular male vs.gorgeous male:
Here comes Mr. Perfect. He’s gotta be a douchebag.
Yeah?You think I’m a douchebag? You’re the douchebag.
Knew it. What a douchebag.
…and the cycle continues infinitively like this…

Those are just some of the idiosyncrasies of dating an extremely attractive man. Each relationship and man will be different- the same as it would be if one is dating a regular JoeBlow. At the end of the day- we all choose a set of benefits/enhancements AS WELL AS a set of problems/detriments whenever we choose ANY partner. The challenge is finding “the sets” that we personally are compatible with.


It was a wild, frenzied attraction. A magnetic collision of blistering bodies. A thrill that threatened to blind me.

The mere thought of him propelled hot blood through my limbs, reaching boiling point around my ribs.

The mere presence of him was something hypnotic. I became conscious of muscles I’d never bothered to notice in anyone else. The way his shoulder rippled when he reached for me. The way his jaw tensed when I was on top of him. The way his fingers coursed along my skin, blending through my hair.

It was lust disguised as love. I could forgive all of his flaws just for one fleeting taste of his skin.

It was an undeniable allure. A physical pull, yanking my will-power into obscurity.

It was dangerous. It was madness. It set everything into hyper-drive.

It was glistening ecstasy when he moved within me.

It was snarling panic when others wanted to revel in his beauty too.

He had enrapturing charm, without even trying. Once, he corrected me saying ‘No Katie, that wasn’t fucking. We made love.’ That one sentence sent chiming choruses whipping through my head.

He also had surprisingly shocking insecurities. His strive for perfection was limitless. Once, he told me he needed to double his gym sessions because he was getting fat.

That day, I counted six, rippling abdominal muscles on him. And then I wrapped myself around him, and counted the tiny freckles splattered on the back of his neck.

It was a feverish magic. And a bitter obsession.

It was an infatuation, a captivation with the chemistry that coursed between us.

He was beautiful. He still is. He had a face that made people stop him in the street to tell him which famous actor they reminded him of. He had a body that made guys pause just to ask him for his workout secrets.

He had a touch that made my insides shudder, welling out into my fingertips. He had eyes that made my skin prickle and my chest choke up. He had lips that completely thawed me out, turning me to frantic lava.

What is it about beautiful things that make us lose our minds? Why do we desperately seek out such beauty? I figure it is for the same reasons we do not seek out pain. Because of the extreme sensations it creates within us.

It sent me soaring, shooting me skywards. It got me high, in every sense of the word.

In fact his gleaming body, lying breathless next to my glazed form, might just be the most spell-binding thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.


If you are not such a secure person, it can be horrible. If you are secure with yourself, it can almost, at times, be amusing.

I’ve had experiences with both.

In college, as a naive person coming from the ‘burbs into the big city, I captured the eye of one of the hottest guys in the dorm (and later established on campus, etc. as he was flown out to New York for modeling assignments, etc.). I have to add that I am a VERY average looking person, of very average height, but on the thinner side (and soon-to-be anorexic side to compete with the beautiful girls on campus).

There were many good-looking people on campus; four Miss California’s, a Miss UNIVERSE runner-up (unbelievable), cover models for GQ, this kind of place.

As an average looking person, you’re practically invisible.

I guess because this guy was pursued by so many women (and some guys) I just wasn’t interested in him. I was good friends with everyone on our floor, though, including his roommate. We all ended up skiing every weekend together. This gave us a lot of time to get to know each other; he appreciated my filthy sense of humor, and I got to understand his burden of being treated as a piece of meat by women and as a model, literally. He was a gifted mathematician on scholarship.

Fast forward six months or so: walking together on campus, showing up in his dorm room unannounced, driving on the streets, going into restaurants, we’re a couple getting the oddest of looks because we’re obviously not a physical match. He’s 6’3″, 180 pounds, dark brown hair, and green eyes of model perfection. More important, he’s incredibly NICE (to me). But:

  • I get the once, twice, three-time look over (“How did SHE get HIM?”)
  • In his dorm room once, I walk in and find a Barbie-doll looking girl (5’10”, blonde perfection, rich, cute) stark naked on his bed. “Jane” had been pursuing him for months and wasn’t about to let a little middle class girlfriend get in the way. She could offer him an easy life.
  • Girls offering to take them to their vacation homes, or on vacation wherever he wanted to go
  • He got notes, letters with explicit acts of sex that would be performed, etc. Good thing there was no sexting back then
  • Driving on the streets he would get catcalls from girls from his classes, even though I was in the car
  • In restaurants, it was just like that 30Rock episode where Tina Fey is dating John Hamm; the hostess would flirt and DIE of charm, give us the best seats, send amuse bouche, etc. (we both worked).

After about a year and a half of this, I grew really tired. It was exhausting fighting off outsiders. We got along wonderfully, but we were in sophomore year and I thought he needed to “experience” more or regret ever being together if we ended up long term.

So I broke up with him. He was devastated; he couldn’t believe it. When I look at it now, it could have just been a pre-emptive strike, but he spent the next couple of years pursuing me, visiting my parents on his own, calling. But he definitely made the most of his time at school after that. He ended up with a very wealthy girl whose father staked him in real estate ventures.

Fast forward to married life; same kind of looks imbalance, with an average looking me and a really hot guy. Not as hot as the model, but hot. But I’m married, so it’s not as big a deal when another woman:

  • Presses her phone number into his hand at a party or event
  • Approaches him after a lecture proposing a business lunch or dinner and “continuing with drinks somewhere?”
  • Sits on his lap in a bar or other public arena; he’ll usually say,” You don’t want to go hand to hand with my wife. She’ll just leave me.” (I would; no man is worth fighting for, sisters).

Once when I was working in a new job, someone came into the workplace and everyone started talking: “OMG, look at that f*cking fox. I’m going to go introduce myself.” And I said,”Oh, I’ll introduce you; that’s my husband.” Everybody thought I was joking; they all looked at me with a serious face, they all were quiet, and then they broke out laughing. Then I DID introduce everybody. The hot girl at work came up to me afterwards and said, “Good for you, girl.” It was almost like I got instant street cred.

This has happened in some iteration for so many years now I’m somewhat immune.

Yup, 25 years later and two kids, so if he goes for someone young and hot, go.


My boyfriend is ridiculously attractive. He is handsome, he’s an engineer, he’s extremely charming, sweet and kind. He loves dogs, holds doors open for everyone, has incredible taste in clothes and shoes, loves shopping, is a phenomenal gift giver and an amazing cook. He cooks a million times better than me.

This is what I’ve learned since I’ve dated him

  1. I can spend a long time watching him as he sleeps. I need to make extra time in the day to do this. Bye bye yoga time.
  2. Women ( even married women) hit on him jokingly in front of me and I have to laugh it off. I have a very good fake laugh now ( to mask the noise of me sharpening my talons ready to rip them apart).
  3. Women even send him collages of his own pictures they downloaded from instagram. And when he tells them he has a girlfriend they ask for a picture of me and then presume trying to flirt. Wtf?!
  4. You realize how sexist our society is. If a man hits on a woman, and she asks him stop and he doesn’t, he is labeled a creep. However, women don’t stop when told. Falling all over a man is ” just being friendly”. The woman is never labeled inappropriate.


1.Great sex

2.Feeling of content

3.Popularity .oh..when you are dating an most attractive men than you are most likely to draw attention from friends peers

4.Attractive man is least likely to act desparate and suspicious..he usually eased and comfortable.


1.He know he is handsome and attractive so he is often over concirned for his looks and body..that can be a letdown.

2. Constant female attention..some of the women would not stop latching..they would try to get his attention and also flirt. That is hell discomforting.I mean it..just date a attractive guy and than see his social account profile.random females would send request ..messege secretly etc etc

3.His ex is still not able to get him off her mind..and this will make you furious as usual.Finally i gave her a headsup to stop or face consequences. She was married but she been a good friend of him..it was all good till she started ringing him in late nights.

4.Finally i married him..still his female friends especially ones ftom.those social network whom he befriended years back wont stop sending him messeges and emails. not explicit but desperation is right there in their approach.

So beautifull attractive ones do have their own insecurities and also they brings a lott unwanted attentions

..you surely will be the one to bear these along with them in case you plan to date or marry on




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