Lots of girls around the world are tired of working or even tired of thinking about the possibility of having to work one day.  Gold digging can be a viable opportunity for the right girl (attractive women only) who wishes to bypass that whole “work thing” and get straight to the end game.  What is the end game?  Marriage, money and family.  If the end game doesn’t work, then the end game turns to divorce, alimony and parental guardianship.  It’s a modern world and guys now throw bachelor parties for their divorce.  Women still fall in love but if that fails, they go for lifestyle funded by CASH.  It was a woman by the name of Coco Chanel who said:

The best things in life are free.  The second  best things are very, very expensive.”

Gold Digger 13We comprised a few simple rules for perspective gold diggers.  These rules aren’t for everyone, especially if the girl has the inclination of making it on her own through hard work and/or by climbing a corporate ladder.

Gold Digger 51. The most obvious is the girl must be attractive.  There is no exception to this rule.  On a typical 1 to 10 rating scale, a woman needs to qualify as an 8 minimum.  This is not judged by her standing in front of a mirror and telling herself she is a 10 or what her friends and mother say to her.  It must be confirmed by a variety of different people from all different backgrounds and places who objectively know beauty.  If she just so happens to be a 10, then her gold prospects are higher.  There are exceptions to this simple rule.  There are physicalities of scale, meaning a girl who is a solid 7 or even a high 6 might be considered a 10 by extremely wealthy guys who themselves are quite unattractive.  Their definition of “top” is a different scale than that of a someone like Bradley Cooper.  In both scenarios of scale, inner beauty has no value in the gold digging community.

Gold Digger 102. She doesn’t need to be smart but needs to be calculative.  This doesn’t mean she can be a complete idiot with the brain of a frog.  She needs to possess common sense and a will to obtain what she wants by any legal means possible (and we know the law varies from country to country).  However, if she is dumb, she can easily offset it with her looks provided she’s at least a solid 9.  Why or how?  Because guys, a lot of guys, also become quite dumb when they come in contact with hot women.  Their sexuality takes over cutting off blood flow to the brain which interferes with their ability to make intelligent and logical decisions.  The rationality and reason is still present.  They actually know what they decide isn’t logical, but do it anyway because their sex drive takes over.  Not only does their sexuality take over, it starts to direct its way towards the desire of possessing her.  That’s when her option is in the money or “gold zone” and has the ability to hit her strike price.

Gold Digger 123. This is a very important aspect of being a gold digger often unspoken or in the least very rarely.  She can’t have a serious job or even anything remotely resembling full time scheduled employment.  Why is this important?  Because she needs to be able to jump on a plane, a boat, hit a hotel on an exotic island somewhere and be ready to jump in bed with that gold giving target.  Having a job just gets in the way of gold digging and dampers Mr. Gold’s fun zone.  Imagine if she has a big gold fish on the hook and he asks her to swing down to the Bahamas or somewhere around the world with him, only to hear her say that she has an early work day on Monday.  That just won’t fly with Mr. Gold and neither will she.  She needs to be ready, willing and available to seize that gold and mold to his desires.  Her target will also appreciate her Call of Duty style attitude towards being with him as he desires.

Gold Digger 84. She needs to remember she is technically not a hooker or call girl.  Many amateurs start out on a first date in their quest for gold asking for sand right up front.  What does this mean?  They come up with stories about how they are short on rent or need some sort of expensive cosmetic medical procedure.  She needs to keep her eye on the prize and be an enterprising woman seeking fortune, security, perhaps fame, a family or kid at least to receive more money.  Items such as bags, clothing, vacations, cars, etc. are all nice but fall vastly short from the real treasure.  Not to mention, it quickly defines who the woman is when she shows up with a $5,000 handbag, $2,000 shoes and clothes to match.  It spells out clearly to her target, “other guys bought these things for me” as she is asking him for financial help.  She is not a hooker and needs to avoid cash and gifts upfront for services rendered.  Her ultimate goal should be a long term arrangement.  Marriage is good, pending children, divorce might work out better for her as in “HALF“.

Gold Digger 95. Maintaining beauty is a core aspect of gold digging.  She needs to turn guys on physically, so that means hitting the gym and dieting.  She must also play with Mr. Gold’s psyche and put these elements into his head.  What does that mean exactly?  It means she should eat clean and raw foods in front of him whilst even criticizing his diet (if bad) to eat more organic and healthy.  This really gets guys thinking she’s a health freak and into maintaining her inner body as well as her outer.  It also gives Mr. Gold something to talk about to his friends and is a healthy positive aspect he can put in the “reasons to spend on her” category.  Of course, she still needs to tackle that gym, yoga or pilates.  And it doesn’t stop there as personal hygiene is very important.  That means no hair beneath the ears.  She can forget about a landing strip or she won’t be landing any gold because Mr. Gold these days is very much into the no hair rule below the neckline.  Fortunes are made these days at beauty salons getting girls waxed and ready.

Gold Digger 26. The power of yes!  Most girls like to string a guy along.  If they’re hot and if the guy is desperate it could work for a while, but will fizzle in a few weeks.  If she over values herself, meaning she’s ugly, the string along scenario is doomed at the beginning.  The string along lifespan increases or expires farther into the future if she is a solid 9 or above.  However, as a gold digger, she must learn to be the yes woman.  For example, Mr. Gold says, “do you want to come back to my place and have a drink?”  She should say yes!  “Do you want to fly down to Miami for a 4 day weekend?”  Yes!  “Would you like to sail around the Mediterranean for the summer?” YES!  Saying yes is the tip of the gold digging iceberg for achieving success.  After she says yes several times, she needs to wrangle her prime bull into the slaughterhouse for cleaning.  She needs to get sexually creative, excited, perverted, best acting or inner true emotions going, whatever it takes.  Filet mignon won’t cut, carve and cook itself!

Gold Digger 117. A gold digger must avoid feminists.  Repeat, she MUST AVOID Feminists.  They are her number one enemy.  Many are lesbians, but not all.  Some are just very masculine (perhaps on their way to becoming lesbians).  Others are roped in by society and brainwashed into thinking they are identical to men in every way but physically.  News flash, men don’t desire women who act like men in every way.  This being said, many are just under sexed and overworked so look for a cause to jump on board of such as feminism.  The whole “free the nipple” thing is an example.  Truth be told, very few feminists are above a 5 in appearance.  There is the odd ball lipstick genre, but too few to mention.  Either way, they want her in a cubicle or behind a counter working for a living and taking care of herself, even if she is living in a 1 bedroom apartment while eating beans everyday.  This goes against the entire gold digging grain.  As a gold digger, she needs to look for Mr. Gold to stick to him, extract from him and somewhat control him.  After all, a girl has got to eat!

Gold Digger 78. Somewhat of an extension of number 7 as it’s with fashion.  The gold digger always needs to look and feel feminine.  That means she doesn’t want to show up in a business suit or where a lot of pants or cut her hair short because it’s easier to maintain.  Her whole shtick is about maintenance of her femininity, not just inside, but the exterior look.  The more feminine she appears, the more chances she has of striking gold.  Yes, she needs short skirts, high heels, red lips, skin, cleavage, the list goes on.  She needs to make sure everything smells great from her mouth to her toes.  This means quick showers and unshaven legs do not have a place in her gold digging game.  Girls in warmer climates have a distinct advantage as they can show off more of their well maintained gold digging bodies.  This really eats away at the feminists (although lesbians like to look).

9. She needs to avoid those ugly “friends” or “frenemies” who compliment her constantly and act more as an assistant, but have their own secret agenda.  These social barnacles target a gold digger with desires of circumventing her to have access to Mr. Gold.  Why?  because they enjoy the good life, but are usually too unattractive to gold dig themselves.  They seek a more mini madam relationship with Mr. Gold hoping to introduce him to another hot babe after the gold digger is gone and maintain a free dinner, weekend invite, local vacation status with him.  They can sabotage the gold digger by creating confusion with other girls during her digging session or acting as a social agent provocateur.  This takes away a lot of energy and hard work from the gold digger and leave her in poor (literally) situation if not carefully extinguished promptly.

Gold Digger 110. Sex, sex and more sex.  Intercourse is probably one of the single most important aspects to wrap up the gold digging.  She doesn’t even have to hop on a plane to do it (although the pros do).  We touched on this aspect before in the “yes” category but want to further stress how it plays a chemical role in Mr. Gold’s brain and decision making process.  Sexual power can be everything.  It is the strongest weapon, tool, peace offering, problem solver and a thousand other names.  Mr. Gold  is looking for his fantasy, at the end of the day.  She needs to find out through the bedroom what buttons make him tick.  When she has all her buttons in place, she needs to press and also impress.  She has the power to turn up the volume by role playing, over fantasizing, acting, whatever it takes to keep her target deeply on the hook, as in the jawbone.  If all goes well then great.  But if all else fails, 90% of the time it’s going to be her bedside manner that keeps her in the game and not her part time job raising money for anti-sex trafficking charities – believe it.