Handmade Luxury Ceramic Wax Warmer

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Our decorative hand crafted Ceramic wax warmer with gold lid  is designed to compliment any Upscale Decor! Creates a upscale style while releasing a pure healthy luxurious scent using our 100% Natural pure Bees Wax/Coconut wax Melts! BONUS INCLUDES 2 PURE BEESWAX TEA CANDLES!

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HAND CRAFTED: Our Upscale Bitch Luxurious hand crafted ceramic burner is simple and stylish. It is the perfect dose of luxury and sophistication for any room in your Mansion. A sculptural tribute to wax with its simple beauty and style! Approx 6 inches tall by 4.5 wide.

INCLUDES Gold Gloss Lid & 5 pure Beeswax Tea Candles! Keep it healthy burning our pure natural Bees Wax & Coconut Waxmelts!

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BEAUTIFUL: Comes with a beautiful gold lid and gold embossed logo. Also included is two 100% pure clean burning Bee's Wax Tea Candles and 2 elegant warmer liners to make switching scents a breeze! Our natural wax tea lights compliments our 100% pure Bees and Coconut wax proprietary healthy blend Wax Melts.

DECORATIVE: In style with any luxurious expensive decor.

COMPLEMENTS YOUR UPSCALE BITCH STYLE: Complements our luxurious line of hand crafted candles and products

DESIGNED FOR OUR WAX MELTS: Specially designed for our Upscale Bitch no mess easy change 100% pure coconut/beeswax, wax pods, assuring you of hours and hours of a healthy scented fantasy!

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in


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