Who wants to make their bedroom smell like a dream? We know we do!

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Hey girls!

We know you’re busy, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. What better way to relax than with a candle that smells like the beach? Bougee Girl Candles has got you covered with this summery scent. It’s like walking into the ocean without getting wet!

And if you do want to get wet, we’ve got tons of other awesome scents for you! Check them out here: We know that you can’t always be home with your candle lit. Sometimes you’re out and about, and sometimes you’re at work, but we bet there are a few places you can think of where the smell of a good candle would go perfectly.

If you love candles as much as we do, then you’ll be excited to hear about this new product from Bougee Girl Candles. We’ve been working hard to create an easy way for you to bring a little bit of home wherever you go!

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and how it can help bring a little bit of home wherever life takes you! There’s something to be said for a good candle. It’s not just the smell, or the way it makes your house look, but it’s also the feeling you get when you light one?

It’s like… a little piece of magic, right there in your home.

Sometimes, you just want to channel that magic in your life. So we put together a gift guide of candles that will make you feel like a princess—no matter what kind of day you’re having!




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