The risk of getting caught was the biggest turn on!

From a quickie in the kitchen at my parents’ house to mutual masturbation in the car in the dead of night, underlying all my favourite sexual encounters with my boyfriend is the thrill that someone might walk in and see us having sex…

While I come from a tiny family, Adam* has dozens of family members, most of whom I hadn’t met by the time we travelled across the country for one of his cousin’s weddings a year into our relationship.

I’d spent the day getting drunk to feel less anxious about making conversation with strangers, so when we returned to our accommodation – a shared Airbnb with his mum, dad and siblings – sex was the last thing on my mind. We found ourselves resigned to a camp bed in the sitting room, with his brother and dad sleeping just metres away on the sofas. So when we stumbled to bed drunk – just about pulling on some sensible pyjamas – I wasn’t expecting a sexual encounter of any sort…

Until he gently started pulling me towards him.

On the springy mattress, he somehow managed to guide my body into his, slotting us together like spoons. And he got going immediately.

The foreplay went on for what seemed like hours (it always feels riskily long when people are there). He rubbed my clit and fingered me from behind while the others softly slept a few feet away. He silently pressed his erection against my back, slowly running his hands over my body, leaving goosebumps behind wherever he had touched. I turned over to face him, but he pulled away when I tried to kiss him, raising one finger to his lips to remind me to keep quiet while using his other hand to lightly caress my inner thigh – a move he knows I can’t resist.

I was already so wet that he slipped into me with ease. He started with slow, soft strokes, as if he wanted me to feel every single second of him entering me, before thrusting with increasing urgency in response to me digging my nails into his back. I struggled to stay silent, it felt like we were both challenging each other to make the other moan, while also desperately trying to stop the covers from rustling. We couldn’t make a sound but God, I wanted to scream.

“We couldn’t make a sound but God, I wanted to scream.”

A sigh from the other side of the room stopped us in our tracks while we tried to work out if we’d been rumbled, but then a slight snore confirmed we hadn’t. I started riding him, guiding his hands over my breasts and relishing the raw, hungry look in his eyes. He quickly flipped me round and we started to fuck from behind, moving slower and more deliberately than before. His passionate kisses on my neck while holding me in place by my hair made my body throb with desire, and I started pushing back against him, encouraging him to go deeper.

For more than an hour we stopped and started, trying to conceal our giggles as we froze whenever his dad or brother stirred. Neither of us orgasmed in the end, but the unpredictable thrill of knowing that our squeaky camp bed could have woken his family at any time gave us both a buzz that felt every bit as good as a climax.

The next day, we drove home and immediately had the wildest and loudest sex we’ve ever had. I climaxed as I thought about how hot the night before had been.


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