Love horoscopes for 2024: what your star sign can expect in the realm of romance

All you need is love, right? Well, there’s a lot of love to go around in 2024 with Venus, the planet of romance, casting her spell on each and every sign, and with Mars alongside at the start of the year to add passion and even perma-bonding into the mix. Jupiter also gets in on the act, bringing luck in love to some. And watch out for the eclipses: they’re game-changing as well as life and love correcting. So how will 2024 treat you in the love stakes?

21 March – 20 April

The start of 2024 holds the potential for a dynamic duo that you’re one half of to shine, either within a current liaison or potentially with a new love interest with an international accent or from an educational background, or linked to your career. It’s all thanks to your ruler Mars adding passion to close connections in early January and February, and to a friendship or collaboration in March. Your birthday months could go with a swing as Venus glides into your sign in April to make you look good, feel great and attract love, romance and all good things your way. Romance is on the agenda again from mid-July to mid-August when love feels flirty and playful. If you’re looking for commitment, September is when someone special could light your fire in a long-term kind of way. Hidden agendas are possible this year too, with eclipses in your own sign in April and in your partnership zone in March and October. Secrets will be revealed eventually, though this could simply mean sharing a more private, more vulnerable side of yourself that you rarely show to others. Even so, romance could have an unexpected, possibly initially unwanted, but ultimately fulfilling outcome for you in 2024.

Aries best love dates: 6 to 29 April, 12 July to 5 August, 30 August to 23 September.

21 April – 21 May

Jupiter in your sign through to the end of May makes you lucky, not just in love but with almost anything you set your mind and heart on in early 2024. Mars in the mix with Venus hints add intense passion at the start of the year, potentially a far-flung fling with someone older, or a work-related dalliance if you’re footloose and fancy-free. Someone could step out of the friend zone and become something more in late March to early April. Then you have the power of love in your hands with Venus, your ruling planet, in your sign to turn you into a love magnet throughout most of May. Your perfectionist tendencies could emerge in August when Venus brings out a desire for simply the best when it comes to romance. Health and helping others are areas where you could find love if you’re looking. It all gets more sultry in October with Venus in your partnership zone. Intensity, trust, loyalty and lots of one-on-one together time are what you’re likely to be craving—and getting, now.

Taurus best love dates: 30 April to 23 May, 6 to 29 August, 24 September to 17 October.

22 May – 21 June

The very start of 2024 could pack a punch when it comes to love for you, with Venus and Mars cavorting in your partnership zone. These two passionate planets often show up when ‘the one’ shows up in your life, though be wary of being bedazzled by the thrill of a new year and a new love. With your ruler Mercury retrograde, avoid rushing into anything wild and wonderful without thinking things through first. Venus arrives in your sign in May to boost your personal feelgood factor that makes you extra attractive without even trying. Jupiter lands in your sign for a 12-month stay now too so love gets bigger and better as a result, though you may be more fickle than ever with too many romantic options to choose from. Romance that feels more balanced could come your way in August, though October’s eclipse could shake things up with some initially awkward surprises that could eventually turn out in your favour. In October you could carry on where you left off in January with Venus revisiting your partnership zone while, once again, your ruler Mercury is retrograde. Jupiter is in reverse now too, so the cosmos could be telling you that giving someone a second chance might just be the right thing to do.

Gemini best love dates: 1 to 23 January, 24 May to 17 June, 30 August to 23 September, 18 October to 11 November.

22 June – 22 July

Relationships have most likely been a tad confusing for you of late, with Mercury retrograde making you—or someone close—indecisive or non-committal when it comes to love. There’s a hint of that feeling again for you at the start of 2024, but things look brighter with Venus and Mars ramping up the passion and getting you—or that same someone close—potentially ready and fit to commit. You get the benefit of Venus in your own sign in June, so if you often tend to go with the flow, well now you get to lead the dance and choose your partners. September brings out your secretly sultry side, and by November relationships may feel more settled and stable, when the strong and silent type could take your fancy. Pluto has been a big factor in your partnerships over the past few years and transformation has been the name of the game. As Pluto changes signs this year, if commitment is your aim you could get your wish but not in the traditional sense, as spaces in your togetherness could turn out to be the way forward.

Cancer best love dates: 24 January to 16 February, 18 June to 11 July, 24 September to 17 October, 12 November to 7 December.

23 July – 23 August

Your sign loves to love and to be loved, and there’s a lot going on with relationships for you this year that could change the way you connect. As 2024 begins romance is on fire, with Venus and Mars adding passion but also with Mercury retrograde adding confusion. Unwise decisions or the return of an ex could mess with your mind. Channel your inner patience, as by February you get the benefit of not only Venus and Mars in your partnership zone but this time they’re joined by Pluto. Transformation is what Pluto does best, so an on-off relationship could start over from scratch and be rebuilt in ways that are so much better, or someone you meet could transform your views on what makes a partnership successful. By July, you are officially the zodiac’s most romantic sign, with Venus boosting your appeal and your appearance. A re-run of January’s love stars occurs in October, with Mercury retrograde once more but without the driving force of passionate Mars. You might be wiser to wait for love until December when Venus makes a repeat visit to your partnership zone. Pluto is back in the mix as well and hints at doing something different from your usual MO to get something better than tired or tainted love. But take your time, you’ll need plenty of it.

Leo best love dates: 1 to 23 January, 17 February to 11 March, 12 July to 5 August, 18 October to 11 November, 8 December to 31 December.

24 August – 22 September

When it comes to romance you’re often rather practical about it, but a passionate heart beats hard behind that super-organised exterior. Early 2024 brings a sense of deja vu around a romance, with the return of an on-again-off-again theme that occurred last year, due to your ruling planet Mercury flipping into reverse. This time around, however, Venus and Mars are in the mix so there’s potential to make things permanent. If you do get to that stage be sure it’s what both parties involved truly want, as mind-changing retrograde Mercury also returns to hover in the background. Meanwhile, Pluto has brought an all-or-nothing vibe to romance in recent years too. Things certainly look more hopeful this year, with Mars and Venus moving into in your partnership zone in March suggesting a serious urge to merge. However this plays out for you at the start of 2024, let your love light shine in August when Venus blesses you with abundance and admirers. Romance returns again in a big way in November, making it an ideal time either to make things official or just to enjoy all of the attention with none of the drama.

Virgo best love dates: 24 January to 16 February,12 March to 5 April, 6 August to 29 August,12 November to 7 December.

23 September – 23 October

Calm, balanced, diplomatic and beautiful—an apt description of you and your usual love style, but in 2024 (and beyond) things could go a little differently. The cosmos has gifted you with eclipses in your sign and your partnership zone this year so there may be unexpected shifts in gear that bring situations it may take a little time to get comfortable with. Because you’re changing, so must your partnerships. Romance could push you to the next level at the start of the year with Venus and Mars hinting at the real deal in love. You could be hooked on someone special in April, or even more in love with them if you’re already entangled. The first two eclipses of the year target you and a close partnership and could throw you a cosmic curveball in the process. Eclipses are life correctors so embrace them rather than fear what happens next. You’re in your element in August with your ruler Venus in your own sign, making you the epitome of minimalist chic and cool sex appeal. As 2024 comes to an end, Venus helps you to ring in 2025 with Pluto in the mix suggesting that romance may never be the same again. Expect it to be different but better, with your independence as a big factor in current and future liaisons.

Libra best love dates: 17 February to 11 March, 6 April to 29 April, 30 August to 23 September, 8 December to 31 December.

24 October – 22 November

Your sign is often seen as more of a sensual, sexual sign, but when you fall in love you fall in deep. Trust and loyalty are what makes you tick in a relationship, so no trust, no dice. You’re intuitive and sensitive too, so you’ll adore the first potential brush with romance that 2024 has to offer with Venus and your co-ruler Mars hooking up together in March. Quirky planet Uranus may continue to make partnerships more fun and more freeing if also more fleeting. With Jupiter and Venus embracing in your partnership zone in May, life and love lighten up for your sometimes brooding, ‘looking on the dark side of life’ sign. Venus visits you in September to lift the vibe and the mood again. You could attract intense types who feed on your aura and energy now but you’re smart enough to weed out the needy and the greedy. Jupiter moves into a more sultry yet secret zone for you in June for a 12-month visit, so you could really live up to your raunchy reputation now, but only those involved, and trusted, and behind closed doors will know for sure.

Scorpio best love dates: 12 March to 5 April, 30 April to 23 May, 24 September to 17 October.

23 November – 21 December

Too many options and wanting it all and wanting it now can be issues for your sign when it comes to romance. You also love your freedom, so it’s no wonder that at the start of 2024 when you’re blessed with the ideal cosmic combo for pairing up in your sign, Venus and Mars practically begging you to say yes to the dress, you also have Mercury retrograde telling you to change your mind! This happened last year too, so maybe this is the year you push through it and make a decision with eclipses changing the dynamics for you over the next 12 months, the first of them in April while Venus is in your romance zone. Someone or someone you didn’t expect could turn up to correct your life direction now. When Venus moves into your partnership zone, it joins your ruling planet Jupiter, bringing the potential for huge happiness and – even better for you – personal freedom within a dynamic duo. Venus returns to your own sign before the year ends, with Mercury retrograde once again riding alongside. With so many cosmos-approved opportunities in 2024 to find love, keep love, and still have your independence, what are you waiting for?

Sagittarius best love dates: 1 to 23 January, 6 April to 29 April, 24 May to 17 June, 18 October to 11 November.

22 December – 20 January

2024 could turn out to be a great year for love for you. It starts off with you shaking off doubts from 2023 with mind-messing Mercury moving out of retrograde in your sign, just as the delectable duo of love planets Venus and Mars move in. This is the combination that usually means playing for keeps when it comes to the game of love. In April you have the pleasure of Venus and Jupiter in your romance zone, so love gets to be a big theme but also fun and liberating. There’s a more comfy, cosy feel to love in June with Venus in your partnership zone, which is often how your hardworking sign likes things to be. For you, love at least shouldn’t be hard work. By November, a huge process of change comes to an end for you with Pluto finally moving out of your sign. You’re not the same person you were in 2008, and those who want to love you will see that change and adore it. Life has been intense, and now you get to accept and enjoy love in your new evolved and more mellow incarnation.

Capricorn best love dates: 24 January to 16 February, 30 April to 23 May, 18 June to 11 July, 12 November to 7 December.

21 January – 18 February

How to start the New Year off with some good love vibes? Let Venus and Mars cuddle up in your sign and see what happens next! This is a cosmic pairing that often signifies an ideal partnership. However, you also have power planet Pluto arriving in your sign, the planet that likes to tear things down to build them up so much better. It’s a long and slow process so you might not even notice it at first but in 20 years time you’ll see a difference when you look back at 2024, when it all began. Romance gets more playful and joyful too in May with expansive Jupiter joining Venus. Babies could be on your mind now and if you’re going down that route you might end up with twins or more under this ‘the more the merrier’ cosmic connection. Prepare to be one half of the couple that everyone else wants to be during July when Venus helps you to put on a show of PDAs, glitz and glamour with your Significant Other if you’re paired up, or to find someone to make life a 24/7 party if you’re solo and searching. Pluto dips out of your sign for part of 2024 but is back in time for your second go-around with Venus in December. Big changes are in store for you, so take time over all your decisions now especially those linked to love, as the end result will be with you for a very long time.

Aquarius best love dates: 17 February to 11 March, 24 May to 17 June, 12 July to 5 August, 8 December to 31 December.

19 February – 20 March

Merging usually comes easily to you as you often aren’t aware of boundaries, although at other times you prefer the distance of being in your own dream world where life and love can feel a little safer for your super-sensitive sign. In 2024, love has the potential to blossom for you in March with Venus in your sign making you even more creative and soulful than usual as Venus cosies up to your idealistic ruling planet Neptune. Mars is in your sign too, an auspicious placing for the passion planet that suggests that you could potentially be close to finding ‘the one’ or that you’re with them already. Things get emotional in June with Venus in a romantic yet more nurturing zone for you that’s all about caring, family, and closeness. The vibe is more practical in August, when someone who can deal with your occasional neediness could be a worthy partner in the game of love for you. You tend to adjust your own ever-changing moods to suit whoever you’re with so your best love phase in 2024 is likely to be the one that comes early in the year in March. Just being yourself could attract who you need and want your way, without having to adapt or pretend or conform.

Pisces best love dates: 12 March to 5 April, 18 June to 11 July, 6 August to 29 August.


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