How To Manipulate Men Into Getting Them Right Where You Want Them

Since the beginning of time, women have been battling with this false narrative of being seen and treated as the weaker sex.

Seldom has a woman been portrayed as the more competent, assertive and ambitious gender and given opportunities that men have enjoyed so often.

We as women have been taught to let ‘the man’ do his thing and let us focus on the homemaking aspect, without worrying about real stuff.

And for so long, that has been the case. The voice for women hasn’t been that loud and men have enjoyed the perks of living in a world that bows in front of them and treats them as superior beings.

Thankfully, that has recently started to change and women have finally had their voice heard and not ignored.

Things have been taking a shift and it has been long overdue. We are finally beginning to be seen as equals to men and the opportunities are rising and the respect toward us is growing and deservedly so.

But what most people are not aware of, and by most people I mean men, is that regardless of that shitty treatment, we have always managed to get our way, at least in some departments.

Men think they are so tough and sneaky, being the breadwinners and whatnot but what they don’t see is the way we can subtly and intelligently get them to do exactly as we want, without breaking a sweat, and to their complete obliviousness.

They are so blinded by their false sense of entitlement and superiority that they have been oblivious to how smart and capable we really are.

One thing we have always been superb at is our innate ability to manipulate men into getting them exactly where we want them.

Now, I am not saying that this is the best way to get things done but due to us being treated so poorly throughout the years, can anyone really blame us for using this to our advantage?

We have accepted the weaker tag for so long, that there really isn’t a woman out there who should feel guilty for being able to get her way, one way or another.

In relationships, there is always compromise and joint decision-making but men don’t understand that we often get our way by engaging in some innocent manipulation that doesn’t hurt them in any way, it simply makes them more susceptible to our ways.

Sure, we can act like we do things for them out of pure love and adoration but we all know that isn’t always entirely the case, and so what!

There’s no shame in being able to manipulate men to our advantage, as long as it isn’t hurting anyone.

There may be women out there who would disagree with this and claim never to have manipulated their way into anything but honestly… who are we kidding?

We have so many strengths that we’re born with and sometimes we even use them without even thinking about it, it’s like second nature to us. And that’s something to feel good about.

We can make them think that doing a certain thing is something that THEY want but is in fact totally for our own benefit and we just know how to make it seem as if it’s their decision.

Manipulation is a really great tool to use when you want to nudge your man into doing something he might not be the biggest fan of but in a sneaky way, that doesn’t put too much pressure on him.

If you’re wondering what exactly it is that women do that can get them almost anything they wish for, here’s a list of the 10 best techniques we use so smoothly and proudly to get our way.

10 crafty ways to manipulate men


beautiful sad woman lying on bed 

This is a cliché, I know… but if it works, why not?

You’ve probably seen it in more movies that you can count. A girl gets stopped while speeding, an officer approaches, reprimands her, and as he’s about to ask for her driving license, she lets out the waterworks.

And before you know it, the officer falls for the sneaky trap and genuinely believes the girl is so sorry for speeding that she just can’t stop crying.

Insane but it gets the job done; oh and gets you out of a speeding ticket apparently.

The real-life version of this is trying to get your man to do something, or go somewhere with you, to do something that he absolutely has no interest in doing, so you let a little tear or two fall and say something that would make him feel really bad about it and ultimately cave.

Men have a weakness in seeing women cry. They just feel uncomfortable and uneasy seeing a girl in tears and don’t really know what the best way to react is, so they just give in and basically do anything that would get them to stop.

It’s kind of engraved in them to help a girl who’s crying and since it’s the ultimate sign of defeat, they don’t feel the need to confront them further and worsen the situation, they just want to do the right thing and protect them.

So, we just use this primal urge that’s instilled in us to manipulate them into doing what we’ve set our mind to, by crying over something we would normally never really cry about.

Appearing helpless

woman looking at light bulb 

What’s the one thing men enjoy doing in relationships? Helping their girl with something she can’t do herself.

They love being needed, it boosts their ego and makes them feel good about themselves.

It makes them feel accomplished and important, so it’s no wonder girls have learned to use this to their advantage.

Most of the time, we’re perfectly capable of doing something but when we just don’t feel like it, it’s so easy appearing helpless and to pretend to be struggling with, let’s say, fixing the garbage disposal, so that he’d step in and take over from us.

It makes the man feel like he’s really needed and it saves us the trouble of having to deal with something we just don’t really feel like doing.

Whenever we don’t want to do something, we can pretend to be a damsel in distress in desperate need of assistance and our knight in shining armor will come running to our aid.

Kind of perfect, yes? The guy gets to be the man of the hour and we don’t have to deal with boring stuff around the house.


smiling couple lying on bed 

I know, I know, with feminism really hitting its stride and with us refusing to be objectified and seen as nothing but homemakers and child bearers, this sounds wrong… but is it really?

We were born with what we’ve got and if men are so weak and easily manipulated by the mere insinuation that there may be sex, how on earth is that our fault?

It’s wrong to be seen as one-dimensional beings way by the world but it’s a completely different thing using our sexuality to our advantage, when it has been our gender tag since forever! We deserve to use it for our needs as well and nobody has the right to take that away from us.

So, let’s say you really don’t feel like doing the dishes. You can slip into something really comfortable, barely there and revealing, and just strut around the house with those flirty eyes, literally not having to even say anything, he’ll get the picture.

He’ll see those dishes, understand your insinuation and he’ll do them in an instant, knowing there’s something in it for him afterward.

And why would we not use this when it’s really so simple and innocent?

We both get what we want, with a little something extra in it for us. I think it’s kind of brilliant.

We’re all sexual beings and using your sex-appeal to your advantage is your God-given right and there is absolutely no shame in it. I say do your thing and never ever question it.

Showering him with compliments

silhouette of man and woman hugging during sunset 

We’ve all tried to get our guy to do those little things around the house that should be a routine for them but they just don’t care much.

I’m talking about leaving food all around the house, not doing the dishes, constantly leaving his socks on the floor instead of putting them in the laundry basket and the list could go on and on…

So, when it finally happens that he actually does one of those things, even better if it’s without your nagging, you make sure to compliment him like crazy for it, so that it’s instilled in his mind how happy that made us and how well they did.

It’s kind of childish when you think about it… but it’s necessary to get it done.

When a guy hears you raving about him doing the dishes and putting his dirty laundry IN the laundry basket, as opposed to next to it… he’s going to remember that and do it in the future.

He won’t even know that you got him to do it and without even having to get annoyed and raising your voice. I don’t know about you but I call that a success.

Guys love being complimented just as much as girls do and if you can manipulate your guy into doing something by making them feel good and capable, why the hell not? It’s really kind of amazing. So simple and easy and they’d never guess it.

Calling them cute pet names


We all have certain pet names for our significant others and it’s a really cute little way of letting a person know how special they are to you. But it can also be used in a different way.

Guys call us all kinds of pet names that come to them at that moment and it really doesn’t have any alternative meaning other than just being cute toward us and letting us know they really care about us.

But women are known to use certain cute names to sneakily manipulate their men.

Let’s say there’s a certain thing you call your guy under the sheets on a regular basis and he clearly loves it as he associates it with sex, so he’ll definitely grow to appreciate it.

And when you don’t feel like doing something and want to get your man to help you out, you’ll use that certain sexy pet name that you call him while you’re getting frisky, while asking him to help you out.

He’ll hear that name and immediately be reminded of the most frequent place he gets called that and do that thing in a jiffy.

He’ll probably think he might get lucky that night and he doesn’t have to be wrong… but that’s totally up to you.

The power of your soft touch

man and woman lying on surface with closed eyes

There is no denying how powerful touch can be. It can tell you more than you think.

You can sense if a person is happy, sad, uneasy or anxious. And as much as it can tell you about a person, it can also be used in a more manipulative way…

And I don’t even mean in a naughty way (necessarily).

Touch signifies intimacy, closeness… especially if it is by someone you are in a relationship with.

That person knows exactly how you like to get touched, where, and what makes your skin shiver.

Let’s say you really wish you didn’t have to fold the laundry today, you give your man a nice, gentle back rub and subtly mention how nice it would be if he would help you out with that, he’d be much more likely to do it.

Being touched in just the right places is the best stimulus for him to be more open to helping you in any way and it doesn’t even seem as if you’re manipulating him at all.

Everybody enjoys being touched in the right places (again, not necessarily in a sexual way) because it just makes them feel so good, connected and secure and it makes them more prone to doing something they might not really want to do.

Giving him the cold shoulder

woman in blue dress sitting next to man wearing blue shirt

We all know how this works. A girl gets annoyed at her guy for doing something stupid and murmurs that she’s fine, when they both know she’s most definitely NOT fine.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book but it always gets us what we want.

Guys don’t like it when their girl is unhappy, because it always reflects on them.

They can’t really be happy if their girl is clearly upset about something, as it makes them look like an ass.

And it totally works for us. We act okay but distant and conveniently forget to answer texts and calls… and it irks them so much that they’ll cave and either apologize for what they did or do what we need them to do.

It’s a really effective method to manipulate a guy and get him right where you want him and it’s been used for so long without fail. So why stop using it now?


man and woman standing in front of each other outside

Nagging is something that has been widely associated with women as we are often seen as those who nag their partners until we get what we want.

Some may even say that this isn’t a manipulation tactic but they are wildly mistaken.

See, we KNOW that if we nag enough times and annoy the shit out of our men, they’ll eventually do what we want.

It’s not the best or most appealing quality but screw it, who cares! It gets the job done and we have mastered it perfectly.

We’ll just go on, and on, and on about something until the guy gets so tired of hearing it that he’ll actually do that thing, just so that we’d stop talking about it. And that was exactly the plan all along.

I’d say it’s a pretty smart way to go about things. And men can be so stubborn and set in their ways sometimes, that it’s really no surprise we need to resort to nagging to get them to do something.

It’s a very commonly used tactic in long-term relationships, as sometimes it’s the only way to get him to do stuff. So nag away and get yours!

Falsely agreeing with him

man with tattoo hugs woman from back while sitting on grass field

Think about this. Surely you have fights with your boyfriend where he annoys you so much by constantly claiming he is right, when you know he really isn’t.

So, instead of continuing the fight, you just sarcastically say that he is right, in order to end it.

But your tone of voice and calm demeanor clearly indicate that you know he’s in the wrong but you just don’t have the strength to fight him on this any longer.

Hearing and seeing you so calm and collected, he’ll know that he’s wrong and that you don’t even care anymore, because there’s no point in fighting anymore and it will bug him so much.

You not wanting to confront him anymore and clearly but peacefully letting him know that he can have his way even though he is not right will make him upset and he’ll admit to his wrongdoing and do whatever you want him to do.

This is a classy but smart way to assert dominance and we all know the importance of dominance in relationships sometimes.

Manipulating arguments so that the outcome ends up favorable for you, without breaking a sweat and pretending to sarcastically agree with him will drive him nuts and get you what you want.

Pretending to be submissive

man hugging woman on street

hink about submissiveness is that it can totally be faked. And why not use it as a way to manipulate your man when all else fails?

You can be fake-submissive by your soft, gentle way of speaking, not appearing to want to start any arguments and not raising your voice.

When you want something but the guy isn’t budging, appearing submissive can make him do it by making him feel like the decision was his all along.

You tell him that he’s right and that you really don’t want to fight about it and he’ll assert the dominant role and make the decision that you were secretly hoping for but have managed to manipulate him into doing.

When you pretend to be submissive about the little things that you don’t really even care about that much, it makes it easier to get your way when something you want comes along; it’s just always worked that way.

He’ll feel that since he always gets what he wants, he’ll budge on that one thing, unknowingly doing exactly what you want and you getting your way so easily.

So when you act submissive, you’re actually being very smart and manipulative but it’s so good that he’d never guess it in a million years.

The roles are completely reversed and he’s none the wiser. It’s the best way to manipulate your way into something and it doesn’t require much effort or thinking. The best part is making it seem as if it was his decision and you win.


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