How to Dress Sexy: 29 Subtle & Classy Ways to Make Them Lust for You

If you want to be sexy to men, you need to know what they like so you can do it. Here are some tips for how to dress sexy and other tips you can follow.

When we hear the word ‘sexy’ we think about short skirts and lots of cleavage. So, we completely understand why you may be nervous to learn how to dress sexy.

Not all of us feel comfortable wearing those types of clothes. But being sexy doesn’t mean you need to show off your breasts or wear super high heels. Dressing sexy is more subjective than you think.

How to dress sexy and stay classy and comfortable at the same time
We know you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, but all the men want someone that looks like Kylie Jenner.” Listen, it’s really not true.

Yes, there’s no doubt that she’s hot and sexy because she is, but her sex appeal goes far deeper than just her clothing or body.

So, if you want to know how to be sexy and look sexy in your clothes, you came to the right place. Learning how to dress sexy is not as hard as you think.

1. Don’t take it so seriously
There’s a reason why you’re not able to relax and be your sexy self, it’s because you’re taking this too seriously. Yes, you want to be sexy, but just take it easy.

You see the people that are trying too hard and you can spot them a mile away. You don’t want to force yourself to be sexy.

2. Find out what you feel is sexy
Following a trend because it’s popular doesn’t mean you actually think it’s sexy. You need to find out what style you feel is sexy, especially when you wear it.

Don’t just jump on a trend because you think people will think you’re sexy wearing it. No. You need to believe in it.

3. Take baby steps
You can ask your friends for suggestions, and they can throw all these sexy clothes and shoes at you to try on. The problem is, do you feel overwhelmed or sexy trying outfits that you don’t feel comfortable in?

If you’re uncomfortable in heels, or don’t feel like yourself in short skirts, no matter how sexy the clothes are, you won’t feel sexy.

So, if you need to take baby steps towards dressing sexier, do it. You need to feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing if you want to exude sex appeal.

4. You need to be confident
The only way you can truly be sexy and dress sexy is if you’re confident. You can wear all the sexy clothes in the world but if you’re not yourself in them, it shows.

So, you want to make sure your clothing makes you feel good. Sexiness doesn’t necessarily mean you’re showing your boobs off, it just means that you’re confident in how you look.

5. Step out of your comfort zone
You only live once, so don’t hesitate to try new things. Sure, the outfit you wore yesterday wasn’t a hit, but you liked it so who cares.

Now, you don’t need to go all out with something new, but you can try, for example, wearing a plunging neckline or a crop top if you’re not used to these styles. Play around with clothes and how you feel when wearing them.

6. Wear red
There’s just something about red that makes people’s eyes go wild, they love it. We all know that red is the staple color for sexiness, and it’s true.

Red is highly sexual and arousing, so if you want to make the people around you nuts over you, throw on something red. Plus, you can wear red with any style, so pick something you feel comfortable in.

7. When in doubt, put on a pair of heels
If you’re not sure that your outfit is giving off a sexy vibe, then just wear a pair of heels with it. You should try to have at least one pair of black heels in your closet. You really can’t go wrong.


A pair of heels can make your jeans and t-shirt look mouth-wateringly sexy. Not good at walking in heels? Practice at home.

8. Skin doesn’t equate sexiness
So many people have the idea that in order to be sexy, you need to be revealing your skin, which isn’t the case at all.

The key is to reveal one body part at a time. So, if you’re going to show off your legs then cover up your chest. This gives off the right amount of skin for the eyes without ruining the image.

9. Wear sexy lingerie
You may be thinking, well, no one is going to see it so why does it matter. But, if you want to dress sexy, you need to feel sexy.

Wearing something sexy underneath your clothes, something only you know is underneath is very sexy. Even though no one may see it, this is about you, not other people.

10. Don’t forget to accessorize
The jewelry you wear can change your entire outfit for good or bad. You want to wear some jewelry to add some color or a unique design to your outfit but you don’t want to overdo it either.

So, start by wearing one statement piece whether that’s a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. You don’t need to look like a bargain bin jewelry shop.

11. You don’t have to go crazy with makeup
It’s a trend to use loads of makeup and filters and load your face with up to twelve different types of foundation and concealer but you don’t have to do that, really.

If you want to know how to dress sexy, you need to remember that it’s okay to look like yourself, you should know that. So, you can go easy on the makeup.

Many women feel that wearing a lot of makeup will show them as being sexier, but that’s not true. Find your facial features which you feel are the sexiest and focus on enhancing them.

12. Wear the right size

Size really does matter. The wrong size can make you look like you’re being stuffed or that you’re frumpy, so you want to make sure that what you’re wearing fits for your body.

Who cares about the size, the point is, it has to fit you. Don’t be ashamed to go a size up, it’s just a number.

13. Don’t see this as a competition
Being sexy is subjective. It’s not a contest between you and every other woman on the planet. Don’t worry about the other women around you, they’re all going through the same things as you are.

So, just focus on working with your confidence and making yourself feel sexy. All of us ladies are in this together, so let’s support each other.

14. Show a little cleavage
Of course, most men like seeing cleavage, and they find it sexy. So, why not try to wear a shirt cut a little lower than normal? But don’t get carried away.

Sometimes just a little is just enough. Don’t show too much!

15. Emphasize your waist
From a biological point of view, many men like the hourglass figures on women. While you can’t always control what your body looks like, you can dress in a way that emphasizes your waist. If nothing else, wear something that gives the illusion of a small waist.

16. Yoga pants
When you are trying to figure out how to dress sexy, you don’t always have to think in terms of short skirts, low-cut shirts, and high heels. Sometimes just putting on some yoga pants and a cropped shirt can do the trick.

17. Show your legs
While men do have their personal favorites when it comes to body parts, many of them do like women’s legs.

So, if you have some good ones, don’t forget to show them off! Skirts or shorts will definitely draw attention to your legs.

18. Emphasize your best body parts

Okay, so you might not have the smallest waist or the skinniest, longest legs. That’s not a problem.

You just have to work with what you have. Everyone has some good physical aspects to their body, so just emphasize your best assets.

19. Wear lace or sheer
There’s something about lace or sheer fabric that is sexy, too. Lace is just feminine, and sheer is see-through, which of course, men would find attractive.

What men find sexy and eye-catchy
Sexy isn’t just about how you dress. Sure, you do want to use the above tips so you can look your best. However, if you just put on different clothes, that isn’t just the only part of the “sexiness package.”

You have to go beyond clothes and how you dress if you want to be truly sexy.

Here are some other things that men find sexy besides clothes on a woman.

1. Wear his shirt
There is something about a woman wearing a man’s shirt that they find very sexy. So, if you have a boyfriend, wear something of his. It could be a button-down or a t-shirt. Prance around the house without any pants on too. [Read: How to be the sexy girlfriend your boyfriend has always desired]

2. Laugh at his jokes
A sense of humor is definitely sexy to men. You don’t have to be a stand-up comic, but laughing at things he says when he’s trying to be funny makes them want you more. So, don’t be too serious. Have a lot of laughs.

3. Being happy
Along the same lines of having a sense of humor, men find happiness very sexy in a woman.

A man doesn’t want to be around an “energy vampire” who is filled with negativity. He will definitely find you more sexy the happier you are.

4. Being kind

Who doesn’t like a kind person? Everyone does, and so do men. You have to not only be nice and kind to him, but to everyone. Don’t bitch and moan all the time. And don’t nag. Live by the Golden Rule.

5. Having intelligence
Contrary to what a lot of women may think, men don’t like a “dumb blonde.” In fact, many men find a highly intelligent woman very sexy. So, don’t be afraid to show your smarts. Have deep and interesting conversations with a man, and he won’t be able to resist you.

6. Making the first move
Chivalry is great, and it’s not dead. However, men do like it when a woman makes a first move on them. Some guys are kind of shy, so they like when they get asked out by a woman. It shows her confidence.

7. Being confident and not needy
Speaking of confidence, you should be as confident as you can. If you act needy or chase the man all the time, that will turn him off.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a supermodel, men do not want their woman to be a leech. Be confident, have your own life, and then you will be sexy to him.

8. How you move
When you are learning how to dress sexy, don’t forget to think about how you walk and how you sit. Your body language and posture are very key to your sexiness.

You don’t need to develop a whole new way of being, just be aware of how you come across.

9. Ability to have fun
As we said above, being happy and having a sense of humor is sexy. But the ability to have fun is too – they are all wrapped up in one package. So, don’t be afraid to try new things and go new places. This will make him never want to leave you!

10. Eating
This might sound like a strange one, but men don’t like it when women starve themselves. They actually find it sexy when a woman is confident enough in herself to eat a real meal with him.


Now that you know not only how to dress sexy, but some other things that men find attractive, it’s time you put these tips to use. Why wait? Open up that closet and start picking out your outfit.


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