How To Have Sex On The Beach Without Getting Caught?

1: Yes I have. When I was on a trip on Island of Andaman I met a successful young businessman, were he hired me for an entire week. Trust me it didn’t feel like a casual s**, we were enjoying as if honeymoon. He looked like 35yrs old and he fucked me atleast 3 times a day. We used to eat, travel nearby & f*** that’s our daily routine. We tried almost all the possible s** positions. He was obsessed with my t***. Whenever he fucked me he just pinned my hands down the floor & would suckle my t**”. We even had s** near the beach but we were scared of getting caught, so we did a quickie which is standing doggy style, I loved it when he stroked my genitals while he straddled inside me. It was overall a fine week as i got paid high, only drawback is he sucked my t*** almost daily which made my n****** swollen & painful..

2: Yes, my first sexual experience was on a beach. The background; 1964, me 16, Spain, with a mate of mine on a package holiday. Big hotel, all couples apart from a couple of girls who were more into one another than men. We were bored and chatted to anyone on our meal tables. I hired a small scooter. My pal got pissed and was ill the next morning. I thought that I would go to the less busy part of the beach. I got on the scooter and set off, as I went along I saw one of the wives walking in the same direction so I stopped and offered her a lift. At the end of the beach we layed out our towels and started chatting, as it got warmer she removed her rode to reveal a nice body held in a silky swimsuit, I guess she had 20 years on me, but looked good. I took off my tshirt but kept my shorts on cos I got WOOD big style and I was wearing speedo type briefs and boy was I embarrassed.

3: She rolled over and I thought a quick dip might reduce my embarrassment, so I dropped my shorts and went for a swim. This did the trick and as I walked back to my towel I could see her back and knew that my problem was returning. I lay face down to hide my stiffy. She rolled over and we made small talk. She then went for a dip and when she came back I was making small hip movements to rub my cock. She lay down and we chatted. Then she said “are you in pain?” I said no and a big smile passed over her face. “your embarrassed about your erection aren’t you?” I mumbled something, she said “ Don’t be its only natural, roll onto your side facing me and I will help you, but first a few rules. You do not touch me, if you do its over. You tell no one. You do not hang around me like a love sick puppy”. I agreed and with awkwardness rolled on my side.

She reached in her bag and got out some sun lotion, poured a dollop in her hand and with the other hand eased my cock out of the leg of my briefs, gripped it with the lotion hand and wanked me. My breathing changed I was in the grip of an intense physical storm and 15 seconds later, I showered us both with cum. She smiled and said “I bet that’s better, now lets go for a swim and clean up,just like that.

We chatted and laughed about my spray of cum. I asked if there was anything I could do for her, she said no and that she would get her needs sorted later by her husband.

We continued chatting face to face and suddenly I was erect again. She payed no attention to my bulge for 30 minutes and then said “again” I was only too keen. So this time she pulled my trunks down to my knees and started work. Same bright lights, gasping and overwhelming physical sensation. Spunk every where. So off to the sea for a wash. It was lunchtime now so back on the bike and to the hotel.

All she said was “ remember the rules, are you a football supported? no well see me at the bus stop 7.30pm on Thursday evening and try not to wank!

The three days pasted real fast. Thursday evening, I picked her up and off to the quiet beach, it was still light and warm. I was Stiff before I picked her up and the warm soft feeling of her body on mine increased my arousal. At the beach we put our towels down between some trees. She dropped her robe to reveal another one piece suit and proceeded to lay down, she looked at me and then my shorts and said “Oh I see, don’t be embarrassed, take off the shirt and shorts. As I was doing this she moved behind me, slipped her hand in my briefs, her body felt wonderful against my back and 30 sec later my towel was covered. She laughed and lay down whilst I cleaned up. A bit later, she did me again with me lying on my back. Then I blew it, I reached over to stroke her thighs and she just said “ Game over”. I pleaded but she said it had been fun and made her feel young again but “great meeting you,Bye.”

So back to the hotel with mixed feelings about the holiday. I did not know what to think or feel. looking back on it it gave me a first experience and a lightweight Speedo fetish. I you read this CS Thanks for what you did, I dreamed about it for a long while. Hope you have a great life.


4: YES! On a small private beach off of Palm Shores, Florida. We had to take a boat to get out there. It was me, my big titted GF Heather, Her friend Stephanie (tits bigger than my GF!!!) and her boyfriend Tom. We get out to the private island, anchor the boat and walk through the water to shore with the blankets and towels we are hold over our heads. We set up camp to lay out, grill some food, and have some drinks. Tom goes back to the boat for the grill and cooler and YELLS back to shore and says I FORGOT THE FUCKING COOLER!!!!!!!!! He had to pull anchor and boat back to the parking lot and get the cooler and that was a 40 minute round trip. Thank GOD we had a LARGE COLD drink to hold us over. So Tom goes back to the car to get the cooler. So me and Heather are laying down side by side. Stephanie is like really close to us and her head is next to Heathers but at a 45° angle. I got naked. Heather and Stephanie made their bikinis as small as possible to get the most tan. Now we are all laying down. I put my right hand down Heathers bikini bottom and I start to rub her clit. She starts moaning and whispers in my ear to STOP!!!! I whispered NO!!! So I kept rubbing. Heather started moaning. Stephanie is not moving. I think she is sleeping. Then Heather rolls over and starts to blow me and it gets intense. We know we do not have much time because Tom was going to be back soon. I did not want him to see my girlfriend naked. Then I got Heather’s bikini off. We are not both totally naked and Stephanie is just laying on her back taking in the sun. Sunglasses on. Heather and I get into a 69 and we are getting crazy and a bit loud. Heather gets loud when she cums. The look on her face is so sexy it nearly makes me cum, not to mention those 36D in my face. Heather says fuck me. And I got on top missionary style and Stephanies face is 10 inches from Heathers face. We switch to cowgirl style, then reverse cowgirl and then DOGGIE and Heathers face is inches from Stephanies face. Heather is cumming many times and I am slowing down and stopping a few times, EDGING, meaning I am going to blow a huge load. I whisper to Heather to flip over to get on her back, I wanted to CUM missionary style. Now I am FUCKING HARD and My girlfriends big tits exposed, Stephanie’s face like 10 inches away and looking at her HUGE TITS and I am pumping and must pull out and start FIRING CUM ROPES everywhere. The first two ropes flew over Heather’s head and hit Stephanie in the left side of her face and mouth, then shots on Heather’s face and tits and I just kept cumming!!!!! I fell onto Heather and kissed her passionately. My CUM rubbing on our bodies. We kissed again and then got up and ran into the GULF to clean off. When we came back to shore, Stephanie was sitting up, glasses off and wiping cum off her face and licking it. She looked at us and said, You COULD HAVE ASKED ME TO JOIN!!!!!!!!! We were shocked. I said we were trying to be quiet. I said I am sorry about that. I was revved up and the cum shot got out of control. She smile and said it is OK. NEXT TIME, ask me. I want a part of that. The next weekend, Stephanie came over to our house and we had an amazing threesome. It is SO HOT when two girls fight over my CUM.

We only did that once. Back in September of 1996, barely some 6 year into our marriage. That means that we were in better physical shape than today, being 29 and 34 respectively.

It was at a special beach, the beach where we had met for the first time – and did not have any sex. So there was little doubt that we had to do this. Unfortunately , there was only one of those famous bungalows available and we had arrived with a crowd. 12 people altogether.

Again, 2 couples. Us two and our longtime friends. 5 kids altogether, who got the room, together with my wife’s folks. This time, we would sleep in our truck.

As it turns out, they did. We sneaked out and went to the beach. I had been nursing a little idea since afternoon, when noticing how warm that water was.

“Let’s do it in the water, not on the beach!”

I might add that my wife does not know how to swim and I had not tried it again for years. But at Bahia de Kino, the sea is very shallow, you can walk out a couple of hundred yards without loosing ground contact. And the water is WARM. Low to middle nineties in September, or around 33 degrees C. Maybe 35, since the water does feel about as warm as your skin. It was way past midnight, cloudy, and the air had this sultry, exuberant feel to it that is uniquely Sonoran. Overnight lows on these coasts closely match water temperature. Mid nineties!

I had no problem to get ready for her in that water at all. The hard part -well – was to get together. There were a few waves, and she was a bit scared. To make it work, she had to provide me some support for my upper body, while pulling her up against me at the bottom. It was a bit stressful, since the truck was not that far off, and the waves were not big enough to blot out the noise we were making. Mostly hers, while the waves were constantly licking at her body, creating two islands once in awhile. By doing it in the water, you avoid all the issues with grit and sand.

But truth to be told, we had better than that, way better! At least we did not get caught and the newly developed position could also be applied on solid ground. Any further experiences with “water-sex” would be in the shower. Yes, with the water running!


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