Has anybody ever found true love through Facebook? What’s your story? (Three real-life Stories..Names have been deleted for privacy) 

STORY ONE: YES!! WE WILL BE GETTING MARRIED IN 2022!! I was disgusted with the dating scene so I decided to join the Facebook dating scene after I saw so many testimonials in this group for women. I tried POF once and it was a disaster so I was truly turned off by online dating, but I have come to terms with this being part of the new norm. so i set up my profile and when I browsed I was not too impressed so most were a swipe left. I saw him and I smiled and swiped right fast! I was getting so many inboxes that I was disgusted and ready to delete it after two days and then I got the alert that he liked me back. Out of being courteous, I started going through my inbox speaking and I told him Happy Tuesday!! I didn’t expect him to respond but he did immediately and said “Thank God! I saw your picture and I accidentally swiped left because I was in a rush and working and I thought I lost you! I was so glad when I saw you respond to my profile and I said..Thank God you sent her back!!” I smiled and we talked online for a long while because I clearly stated that if they could not get to know me on my inbox then there is no way they could have my number, So after he put the time in to answer every question patiently and deal with the small talk with no problem I felt relaxed. I think he felt that because our conversation shifted. he then asked if he could talk to me on the phone after a lot of going back and forth…from there we set our first date and he drove 2 hours to see me..the rest is history and I will be walking down the aisle in 2022. do not give up on love!! We are two mature adults that have both been married with young adult children, he said that he never thought about marriage again until he met me, and everything about that changed, he realized that good women do exist and that all of us deserve love. We both chose the wrong person prior and it wasn’t an easy journey after that for either of us as far as relationships. I have no regrets and I would encourage anyone to give it a shot! Online is really the new norm!! Take your time and be open to the possibility of finding what you desire. I pray that you get your hearts desires and all goes well!! Love is beautiful and don’t let your past from you allowing yourself to be loved again

STORY TWO: Yes i have.

It all started way back in December 2015 when he sent me a friend request. We had a few friends in common and so i accepted his request. But it was me who dropped in a message first. Such a simple and down to earth human,I must say. Within a week of our chats, I realised he is different. The honesty in his words and the innocence with which he would tell me details of his day would melt my heart. We are from the same city. While my college is in my hometown itself,he lives in delhi for his studies. And he visits here 3 or 4 times a year during vacations.

Within 2 months i felt i hav fell for this incredibly honest soul. Though i was sure he feels for me more than just being friends but i was doubtful of his reactions after i confess. Everyday i would wait for him since his classes ended at 5 pm and mine at 2 pm itself. The 3 hour wait would suck. I was going crazy for him. Lastly on 21st February, last year I proposed him. He was not shocked rather unsure whether he is ready for a relationship and that too a long distance one. Bt finally he said yes and nothing could make me more happy than this yes from him.

From then till now, we have gone through our ups and downs in our relationship. Sometimes the distance sucks..but what always keeps us going is our selfless love for each other. We meet 3–4 times each time he visits here. I must say (not exaggerating at all) that i really feel like being the most lucky girl ever.

We are best friends,we know each other inside out,our thoughts and perspectives really match,we are serious for our career,we get to learn things from each other, he has made me a calm person, we rarely have serious fights,we both have the most amazing compatibility and comfort around each other, he treats me like his wife already. He is the reflection of my father, a simple and honest,yet very charming and vibrant personality. I love him because of his qualities and he too loves me for the same.

He sends me good morning and good night texts everyday without fail. He treats me like a princess and i too make sure he is made to feel the most special person. We have never exchanged any gifts. We rather like to show our love through our actions. There is no superficiality..no double standards..no false promises… yes yes true love does exist. The right person would definitely make you believe in its power.

P.S I am going to delhi for my masters next year and then we will be together. 🙂

STORY THREE: I have a story for you.

I met the love of my life on Tumblr, completely by accident, when neither of us were looking. He was (is) living in Australia and I was living in the US.

It started off like any of my online friendships (I value those as much as in-person friendships). He followed my Tumblr blog because of the one and only popular post I had made a couple years back, which circulated Tumblr enough to gather over 113,000 notes. Tumblr is one social media platform where I tend to follow people back, so that was our first contact. Periodically I would promote my Instagram and Snapchat names to my Tumblr followers, so he ended up adding me on those as well.

We started talking a little over Snapchat, nothing flirty or anything like that, just sort of joking around. You know how you have your “meme friends” on the internet? It was kind of like that.

When we began having actual conversations, we added each other on Kik so we could talk more. I was actually dating someone at my university at the time, whom I had been with for shy of 7 months (but nothing too serious), and we were going through a bit of a rough patch so I would go to this friend for advice every now and then. There were no ulterior motives involved, he gave me very objective advice, nothing manipulative. It wasn’t at all like he was trying to make me leave my boyfriend so he could get to me. What would be realistic about that anyway? We were 10,000 miles across the ocean from each other after all.

This person and I became very good friends and we ended up speaking on Kik daily. We shared stories about living with our mental illnesses (my depression and social anxiety, and his bipolar), past heartbreaks, pretty much anything and everything, but always appropriate. One day when we were both bored we decided to chat over a Skype call. That was a bit of a turning point for me.

As much as I can’t stand clichés, the only way to describe this virtual face-to-face meeting is that it was magical. Again, we weren’t speaking about anything special, but suddenly there was a unique connection between us that I can’t describe any other way. Much like the rest of the universe stopped, went silent, and it was just the two of us talking. It was apparent in his eyes and his body language that the feeling was mutual. This dear friend of mine was something special that I had never found in another person. But neither of us uttered a word about this.

From that point onwards, we spoke on Skype at least once a day. It wasn’t a secret from my boyfriend, he was quite used to me having online friendships as well as a majority of male friends. But change was looming in the air and I knew there was no avoiding it.

One day down the line, with slight reservation, this friend laid all his cards on the table. He confessed to how he had come to feel about me, albeit knowing it was wrong, and his words mirrored my own thoughts. To his incredulity, I admitted that.

To put into perspective how sure I was about this person, I broke up with my boyfriend. The Skype friendship immediately blossomed into much more than that. I withdrew from my university (for more reasons than just love, that was merely the last little push I needed to do what was right for me, but I won’t go into that here). We skyped every moment of the day when neither of us had obligations such as work. But during meals, watching TV, hanging out with friends at home, cleaning the house, making phone calls; we were on Skype together through all of that. We would fall asleep together on Skype and wake up the next day to each others’ faces every single day (he was on a normal sleeping schedule for his time zone, but I already had a habit of staying up till 4AM and sleeping into the afternoon, so we were matched up perfectly). I obtained a US passport, expidited the process, got myself a Work and Holiday Australian visa, and a one-way plane ticket. I snuck out of my house at 5 in the morning and made it to Australia 30 hours later. We met up, moved in together, and nothing has been more perfect. 9 months after meeting in person, he proposed to me and we are now engaged.

To think I was SO CLOSE to never meeting him will never cease to baffle me. If it weren’t for Tumblr, or one of my posts becoming popular, or if I had decided not to get to know him, none of this would be real right now. But by some miracle it came to be. I am not a religious or spiritual person but I do not know what else to call this.


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