Whether you’re looking for a drastic transformation or a slight upgrade for your day-to-day look, a new haircut can make a world of difference. Even a trim can make a significant impact on your overall appearance and self-confidence. But as far as choosing the cut, well, that’s a bit of a process. Many people can likely relate to bringing a photo of the trendiest look all over Instagram to their stylist, only to leave the salon with a cut that simply doesn’t suit them.

While a haircut is ultimately a personal choice, the truth is there are certain haircuts that flatter certain face shapes better than others.

If you are unsure about what your face shape is, one way to find out is to trace a photo of your face to get a general sense of its shape.

Chances are, you fall under one of the following face shapes: square, round, oval, triangle, rectangle, diamond, heart, and upside-down triangle. Your face shape can help determine the haircut or style you should try. Ultimately, your choice of hairstyle should be made based on what makes you feel beautiful and confident, but if you are in the process of making your decision, consider this your guide!


Square face shape: try a chic layered bob


Square shape faces are known for having an equal width across the brow as well as across the jaw, which gives it a very even and symmetrical look. This makes it perfect for daring styles like a layered bob. The short length draws the attention upward, while choppy layers soften the angular bone structure and amp up the femininity.


Square face shape: asymmetrical pixie


If you have a square face shape, you may have a strong jaw line. An asymmetrical pixie can be a fun, hip choice to compliment this, as it prompts the eye to notice lines. To add some extra impact to you new hairdo, think about a bright; dimensional blonde colour to highlight the short layers of your pixie cut.


Square face shape: shaggy pixie


If you prefer a low maintenance haircut that also looks effortless and chic, thing about getting a shaggy pixie cut. Similar to choppy layers, this can soften a too-angular square face; and can also cover up a too-large forehead. When getting your new haircut styled at the salon, make sure to ask for a messy, tousled finish, to really show off the shaggy vibe of your haircut.


Round face shape: get a pixie cut for an androgynous edge


If you have a rounder face shape, then your goal is to look for cuts that play up the angles in your face. The classic short pixie cut sans any choppy layers is a great choice here, as its close to the head.The short length and texturized look of a pixie cut will compliment your features, rather than hide them.


Round face shape: keep your hair manageable with a long bob


If you can’t quite commit to something as drastic as a pixie cut, consider a bob with a longer length — think just above the shoulders. The blunt bob adds an edge to your look, all while keeping a manageable length.


Round face shape: go retro cool with a shaggy mullet


For a look that’s effortlessly cool and gives off a rock star vibe, ask your stylist for a shaggy mullet. Specifically, make sure that you ask for choppy layers and bangs. To style your new haircut, air drying your hair should be enough to achieve your desired look. It does not get easier than that!


Oval face shape: go bold with a buzz cut


If you have an oval face shape, you can pretty much choose whatever hairstyle you want—lucky you! If you are looking of a big and impactful change, a buzz cut can certainly achieve that goal. If you’re feeling nervous about such a drastic change, consider all of the hair styles you can experiment with as you grow your hair out.


Oval face shape: an undercut will add edge to any haircut


Another edgy look for a face shape that can pull off a lot of different hairstyles, an undercut is a great way to show off and emphasize your facial features. The longer length up top also gives you versatility if you like to switch up your style.


Oval face shape: textured bob with bangs


Bangs can feel intimidating, especially if you haven’t really tried them out. However, if you have an oval face shape, you might want to take advantage of how your face shape suits a multitude of styles and go for it! To ensure that your hairstyle really suits your face shape, ask for a textured, chin-length bob with bangs, to frame your face.


Triangle face shape: try an iconic, 90s classic—the Rachel


See no one told you life was going to — bring your hairstyle back to the 90s! If you’re a pop culture enthusiast, then you are likely familiar with “The Rachel” haircut, popularized by Jennifer Aniston’s character from the sitcom Friends. While the haircut is a on the shorter side, it still has enough length if you want to play around with different looks.


Triangle face shape: keep it chill with short beachy waves


If you have a triangle face shape, a shorter bob with a messy, beachy waves will compliment your facial features and bone structure, including your sharp jaw line. As well, the textured look of beach waves is a laid back style that looks chic and effortless.

Triangle face shape: take a note from Victoria Beckham with an angled bob


The angled bob was popularized by Victoria Beckham in the early 2000s. You can modernize this look by opting for a softer, less severe angle for your haircut. The lines created by this haircut are a great way to frame your angular features.


Rectangle face shape: curtain bangs


The name of the game with any look, aside from choosing a style that pique’s your interest, is to enhance your natural beauty. If you have a rectangual face shape, curtain bangs can add volume and softness to your slim bone structure. Curtain bangs are also a great way to experiment with bangs, without committing to a short length.


Rectangle face shape: French bob


The French Bob has gone viral on social media. Characterized by a cropped chin length and wispy bangs, the French Bob is a trendy, yet classic style that is both soft and sweet, as well as edgy and cool, depending on how you style it. A rich, dark colour might also be an ideal addition to your look if you choose this cut.


Rectangle face shape: soft layers with bangs


Because rectangle face shapes are fairly slender, adding volume to your hair with a haircut like a bob with soft layers can give your look some balance and a laid back vibe that still allows for different hairstyles, should you want to change up your look from time to time.


Diamond face shape: add texture to your short bob for volume


If you have a diamond face shape, a short, textured bob with blunt bangs might be a style you want to try. The blunt nature of this cut can highlight your bone structure, like your slim jaw and sharp cheekbones. This style may be on the high maintenance side, so make sure that you are ready to commit to daily styling.


Diamond face shape: side-swept bangs


To highlight a diamond face shape’s high cheekbones and narrow jawline, side swept bangs are ideal, as they bring attention to those part of your face. The added advantage of side swept bangs is that they work with a variety of different hair lengths to suit your style preferences.


Diamond face shape: the lob


The lob, or “long bob” is a great choice for someone with a diamond face shape, as it gives you many styling options to highlight your angular facial features. You can also add volume to your crown with beach waves.


Heart face shape: add a short fringe to your look


For people with a heart face shape, adding a short fringe to your haircut is a great way to draw attention to your delicate features and enhance them. This cut is also a great haircut to choose if you want to change up your look without committing to a full haircut.


Heart face shape: flipped bobs have a retro feel


Heart shaped faces generally have a narrow jaw line and are more broad around the cheekbones. A bob, styled flipped out, is a great way to balance those features, as the flips add more volume toward the bottom half of your face It is also a chic look for those who are fans of styles with a vintage feel. Another great thing about this style is that you can opt for heatless styling if you are conscious of your hair’s health and integrity.

Heart face shape: slick back short cut


While we can’t all look as glamourous as actress Florence Pugh, if you’ve got a heart face shape, a slick back short style might help you get one step closer. The key to this look is that it allows for the focus to remain on your angular cheekbones.


Upside down triangle face shape: blunt bob is timeless and sleek


The blunt bob is a hairstyle that works for number of face shapes. However, if you have an upside down triangle face shape, the blunt bob is a good look to try, as it balances out your facial features, adding width to your narrower chin.


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