It’s officially the time of the year when we go through our wardrobes and work out what to wear for summer. And if you’re someone who keeps up with the latest in fashion, there are plenty of big things to look out for as we head into the hotter months of 2024. We already know that there are some outdated trends to avoid as the weather heats up, with slip dresses, midi skirts, and strong ’90s aesthetics all being so last season. But with those fads gone, there’s plenty of room for new warm-weather styles to make a statement.

For summer 2024, we’re expecting the return of some evergreen trends, such as floral patterns and short shorts, but not every addition to our closets will be quite so predictable. One thing we weren’t expecting to make a comeback? Balloon skirts. But it seems like the look (which you may also know as a bubble skirt) is now very much back after first creeping its way in last year. As for colors to look out for? Reds, whites, and light blues, will all be on-trend as the thermometers rise. So let’s take a deep dive into all the fashion trends you need on your 2024 summer fashion radar.


Floral patterns are hot (again) for summer 2024


We know, floral patterns for summer are hardly revolutionary, but not everything has to be totally out of the box, right? One of the best things about rocking a floral look for the hotter months is that a lot of people will already have at least one floral item in their closet, as this print as been in and out of fashion in recent years more times than we can count.

To make this print more modern, keep in mind that we saw a lot of roses on the spring/summer 2024 runways. So if you want to update your florals for the season, you may want to opt for clothing adorned with a rose pattern over something that features other flowers, such as daisies or lilies.


Show some skin in short shorts


If you live somewhere that gets super hot in the summer (or are lucky enough to be heading somewhere that does), then you’ll be happy to know that short shorts are back this year. Not only are short shorts a great way to stay cool, but they also appear to be a nod to a somewhat similar style we’ve seen recently, the notorious no pants trend.

How short you go with your bottoms will be totally dependent on how comfortable you are showing some skin. And, remember, it’s totally fine to stick with longer shorts if that’s what you prefer. Not every trend is for everyone, and that’s okay. If you are feeling the short shorts though, then step out and rock them like you know you can!


High-waisted pants are another returning trend


Speaking of those who may prefer pants of shorts, skirts, or dresses, if you’re opting for pants this summer, make them high-waisted. This style, which we saw a lot of in the 2010s, is another look that’s worked its way back around and into our closets once again. Of course, not every day is a pants day in the summer, so you’ll want to get selective about the bottoms you rock on those hotter days. Polyester, denim, and Lycra are just a few of the fabrics you want to stay away from to ensure you’re not melting on those super hot summer days. Instead, try pants made from materials such as chambray, linen, or silk.


Bright red is one of summer’s hottest colors


For those ready to make a statement in the summer sun, think red. Bright red really is the bombshell color for the season. We usually see this bright shade of red around more during the holidays, and that was no different this past winter. However, this year, it’s really sticking around for longer than usual. So much so this eye-catching shade will be a go-to for bikinis too!

But it’s not just your swimwear you could get in this shade to beat the heat. Red dresses are, of course, an absolute classic, but there are so many other ways to rock it for the season if you’re not feeling a red dress. Red tops, red playsuits, or red skirts are just some of the other ways to bring the color to your outfits. And why not top it off with a pop of red in your makeup to match?


Stand tall this summer in platform shoes


Strut into the summer in platforms if you want to be firmly on trend. There are a number of different shoe trends to look out for in 2024, and platforms are just one of them. Boho-style wedges have been seen on a lot of spring/summer runways, with fashion house Chloe really making the most of the look by putting out wooden platform wedges on the runway.

But you don’t have to go for a wedge if you don’t want to. Platform shoes come in all shapes and forms, and any shoe that elevates you off the floor that little bit will have you on trend for the season. That means you can be firmly on trend no matter if you’re sporting platform loafers, platform sandals, or even the classic platform heel.


Sizzle for summer with a Sporty Spice aesthetic


Girl power! Of course, girl power never really went out of style, but this summer we’ll be more focused on the sporty side of women empowerment. Athletic inspired fashion (a la the Spice Girls’ Mel C) has made a big comeback this year, and it won’t be going away when summer 2024 rolls around.

Though we’ve seen this trend manifest itself in oversized snuggly sweatshirts and bulky sports jackets in the run-up to the hottest months, to stay cool in the summer sun, it’s time to change it up a little. Instead, you could try things like sporty shorts and crop tops or athletic cropped pants if you prefer a little more coverage. Don’t forget to throw on a baseball cap when you can, too. Not only will this be give you practical benefirts and shield your eyes from the sun, but it’s also so on trend.


Light blue is the summer shade to be seen in


Another fashionable color to look out for as summer 2024 approaches is light blue. Pastels have been having a bit of a moment in the run-up to the sunny months (we’ve seen pastels in our makeup and on our nails already), and now pastel blue has really emerged as the hottest color for the middle of the year. One of the best things about this color trend is how many people can get in on it and look amazing. That’s because pastel shades such as light blue tend to suit a wide range of people, as the shades really compliment people with both cool and warm undertones to their skin.


Shoes will be all about open-toes


When it comes to shoe trends for summer 2024, the season will be about putting your toes on display. A number of massive fashion houses sent models down the runways in open-toed shoes during their Spring/Summer 2024 runway shows, including Victoria Beckham, Burberry, Versace, and Louis Vuitton. Yeah, we told you some big names were doing it, so it’s definitely a style to try.

So, how can you rock on-trend open-toed shoes? Well, there are plenty of ways! There’s not just one style that’s hot for the season, which means you can sport anything from flat sandals, to heels, or even boots. Just make sure you check the weather forecast before rocking the latter though, as boots can be notoriously hot in the summer.


Oversized bags are back to help you carry all your summer necessities


We have great news for all those who don’t like to travel light. That’s because oversized bags are a big trend for summer 2024, meaning you can pack up all the essentials (and some non-essentials too). Big bags have been back for a little while now, as they first started trending again in 2023, marking a much welcomed change from when we were all cramming all our goodies in those super teenie clutches.

There are a few different styles you can go for here, so you shouldn’t feel too confined. Slouchy style bags are in and lend themselves naturally to oversized pocketbooks, as are the more classic and sophisticated top handle bags.


The country aesthetic is still saying howdy


Well, howdy, y’all! In the words of Beyoncé, this ain’t Texas. Although it very well could be. That’s because the country aesthetic is set to be super-hot once again this summer, so you should expect to see plenty of western styles continue to flood your Instagram and/or TikToks.

We saw cowboy boots become the hot shoe in 2023, thanks to the likes of Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” and Beyoncé’s “Renaissance Tour,” where both dressed in country inspired outfits to entertain thousands of fans. Swift’s tour is still ongoing into 2024 and although Beyoncé’s has wrapped, her “Cowboy Carter” album has not only kept the country style rolling, it’s actually pushed it that one step further. In addition to the classic boots, think denim, fringe, and cowboy hats to get this down home style.


Summer’s all about bracelet heels, too


If cowboy boots aren’t your thing, bracelet heels may be more the footwear for you. For those unfamiliar with the style, bracelet heels refer to shoes that have a strap around the ankle, so it essentially looks like your legs are wearing bracelets. These can be thick, thin, material, chains, or, really, anything else that makes you feel fabulous.

Just be wary though of the fact bracelet heels can sometimes make your legs look shorter. If you have super long legs to begin with, you won’t have to worry so much about that. But if you’d prefer your legs to look longer but still get in on this trend (which is ideal if you’re wearing something like a miniskirt), try a thinner strap in a shade close to your skin color so, proportion-wise, you don’t have a harsh line that separates your leg and your foot into two sections.


Try rocking leather (or leather-look) pieces


Leather isn’t usually a material that’s hot in the summer (because it will literally make you hot in the summer). But that’s not the case for 2024. The material was seen on several runways, including during Hermès’ spring/summer show. But, of course, it goes without saying you need to wear it the right way to avoid overheating as the sun comes out to play. Go for light leather (or faux leather, if you prefer) pieces that you can easily take off if you get too warm. For example, something like a light leather jacket is great for those summer nights, or try leather sandals to get the look in a more summer friendly way.


White clothing is another shade of the summer


Pretty much on the opposite end of the spectrum to leather clothing is white clothing. Wearing white in the summer is another yearly trend you probably won’t be too surprised to hear is making a comeback. The super light shade will be very much in again this year though, and, as usual, there are so many ways to do it.

White dresses are one of the most obvious and easy ways to bring white into your summer wardrobe, but it’s certainly not the only way. In fact, you can stay super stylish by trying some of other trends on this list in white. So, that could mean adding white short shorts, white bracelet heels, or even white high-waited linen pants to your wardrobe for a super easy way to be totally on trend.


Ditch the maxi skirts in favor of miniskirts


Say goodbye to midi skirts, because it’s all about the miniskirt in summer 2024. Another way to beat the heat is to make your skirt super short (if you feel comfortable to, of course!) Miniskirts have literally been around for decades as tend to go in and out of style pretty often, but this summer is as good of a time as any to show a little leg.

A few of the fashion houses who have miniskirts in their summer 2024 collections include Gucci, Miu Miu, and Louis Vuitton, as they all sent some very short skirts down the runway. Just remember though, when it comes to length, go with whatever feels comfortable to you, not what you think you should be wearing.


Balloon skirts aren’t going anywhere


As you know, balloon skirts are very much back in. We first saw this trend, which you’ll probably remember best from the early 2000s make a comeback in 2019, then they faded again, only to make yet another comeback in 2023. And, love them or hate them, that’s not changing this summer. While we totally get this skirt style may not be for everyone, you’ll at least be happy to know this is a versatile trend at least. You could combine trends by going super short (a la a trendy mini skirt) or go longer and wear your balloon/bubble skirt as a maxi. Either way, it’s perfect for summer.


Bring some metal into your summer outfits


We’ve seen quite the resurgence when it comes to metallics, which is another trend many people have associated with Beyoncé’s “Renaissance Tour” where silver reigned supreme. But just because Queen Bey rocked a lot of silver, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to (though silver looks amazing on quite the range of skin tones).

There are plenty of ways to go when it comes to metallic, though, which mean you can rock gold, rose gold, or even bronze to be on trend. For those who maybe don’t want to wear metallic clothes (we know, they can be a little out there) easier ways to try this look may be to add metallic shoes or a metallic bag to your wardrobe instead for just a hint of shine.


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