Are Candles Bad For Dogs? The short answer? Yes, candles can be bad for your dog. Many candles emit nasty toxins and chemicals into the air. These toxins can be harmful to both humans and dogs. We both breathe these nasties into our bodies and bloodstream. Unfortunately candles aren’t regulated and companies are not required to list the ingredients used. So who knows what toxins emit once the candle has been lit? It’s not just the ingredients we need to be mindful of. Just like us, dogs could also be allergic to other parts of the candle, such as the scent and chemicals that go with it. There are many ingredients you should look out for while selecting your scented candles, not just for the health of your pooch but for your own safety too. Candle Ingredients To Avoid: Lead: If the wick has a metal core, containing lead this could affect the central nervous system. Symptoms that your dog’s affected include chomping at the jaw and in-coordination. Paraffin wax: Found in the majority of candles. Made from petroleum waste, best not look into what that is. If inhaled, this could cause nausea and headaches, it also releases carcinogens when burned. Advertising Acetaldehyde, Formaldehyde, and Acrolein: these nasty toxins reduce the air quality we breathe. Benzene: This is a known carcinogen and comes from the burning soot in a candle. Toluene: This could come from the soot and is dangerous to the central nervous system. In addition to this, avoid artificial scents and colours. Dog Friendly Candle Alternatives The good news is, there are many natural, alternative scented candles that aren’t harmful or toxic. Not only do they have stronger scents, but they have a longer burn time and therefore last longer. The best candles to buy that have little, to no effect on us and the dogs, should be beeswax, coconut wax, natural soy or vegetable-based wax. The wick should be lead-free, we recommend sticking to 100% natural cotton (unbleached), paper or wood. BOUGEE GIRL CANDLES ARE PURE NATURAL 50% BEESWAX AND 50% PURE COCONUT! BOUGEE GIRL CANDLES USE 100% COTTON WICKS!


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