5 Signs That You’re the Other Woman

And if the other person is fully aware of what they’re doing, well…sorry, but I’ve got zero sympathy. Choosing to trample all over somebody’s feelings for any reason is a really lousy thing to do, but especially when it’s something as obviously painful and socially proscribed as cheating…well…there’s not much excuse there. It doesn’t matter that he’s the one in the relationship; that’s like saying it’s the fault of the shoe store for selling the pedestrian I backed over some walking shoes. Sure, they enabled it, but I’m still the one who did it

It really has to be emphasized that there are cheating scumbags who are extremely good at covering up that they’re in a relationship with someone else. These guys actually form little support groups and give each other tips. It’s especially common with guys who have a male lover on the side: they’re more highly motivated to keep that a secret. But cheaters with an awareness they might get caught generally try to keep the woman they’re cheating with in the dark.

Is it happening to you? There are a few warning signs. Just a note: any one of these shouldn’t arouse suspicion. Some people have different lives. Two or more, though, is not good.

5. He Only Has Imaginary Friends

You’ve never met his friends. He might mention them occasionally, but they never seem to be around or to be available to do anything. It’s always just you and him, which is nice, but you kind of wonder what the rest of his life is like.

4. He’s Got A Weirdly Busy Schedule

He can only see you after he gets out of work, or on weekends, or on specific times. Surprises are absolutely verboten. You might not even know where he works, because he’s been vague about it.

3. You Never See His Place

It’s always a mess, or maybe it’s being fumigated. He’s got roommates who are “weird about visitors.” Weeks go by and apparently he lives at the gym and his office, not his apartment.

Special exception: Living with the parents. No parent wants to hear their child having sex, and no man wants to have a talk with his dad about his sex life over breakfast. So guys currently at home deserve a little slack on this issue.

2. You Stay In One Part of Town

No matter where you go, it’s always in a specific part of town. Maybe it’s the hip district, maybe it’s a suburb, but either way, he doesn’t seem to want to wander far from this locale.

1. He Has Two Cell Phones

This isn’t the mark of doom by itself: many people have a work cell and a personal cell. The key distinction will be what cell he gave you. If it’s a prepaid cell? That could be trouble.

__And now I open the floor, especially to any unwitting other women who want to come forward: What are the danger signs of being with a cheater you’ve seen?


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