31 Secrets to Get Your Friend to Like You & Fall in Love Before Asking Them Out

31 Good, Bad & Truths Every Girl MUST Know about Having a Guy Best Friend

You might think that having a guy best friend is useful, but are there any downsides? Sometimes a guy best friend can play havoc with your love life.

If you have a guy best friend, you might have some questions you want answered. Can men and women ever be just friends, or is romantic tension an inevitable pitfall? Or do we all have to live out the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ prophecy that states that men and women can never be platonic buddies without some kind of romantic tension?

There’s no shortage of stereotypes when it comes to guy-girl friendships, right? You’ve got the ‘friend zone‘—a sort of romantic purgatory—and the ‘backup boyfriend‘—the one you might marry at 40 if neither of you finds anyone else.

Oh, and let’s not forget the third category: ‘But don’t you guys like-like each other?’

We’re setting out to dissect these clichés, cut through the awkwardness, and give you the straight facts to uncover the intricate psychology that governs the pros, cons, and ‘can we, can’t we’ debates surrounding having a guy best friend.

The Perks of Having a Guy Best Friend
So, you’ve got a guy best friend, and people keep giving you the side-eye. ‘What’s the deal with you two?’ they ask you, as if your friendship were a problem in a calculus class.

Well, little do they know that having a male best friend is like having a secret superpower. And guess what? It’s scientifically proven!

Allow us to shed some light on the true perks of such a friendship:

1. Different perspectives
Ever tried explaining the plot of a rom-com to a guy? Or the adrenaline of a sports game to a woman? The reactions are—let’s say—mixed.

This isn’t just social conditioning; it’s partially biological. The cognitive differences between men and women have been studied at length by psychologists like Carol Gilligan and John Gray.

When you have a guy best friend, you gain access to a fresh viewpoint that can offer you insights you might never have considered.

2. Straight talk
Picture this: you’re venting about a terrible day at work. Your female best friend is likely to sympathize and say, “I can’t believe they treated you like that!” Your guy best friend? He’s more likely to ask, “So, what are you going to do about it?”

Men often lean toward problem-solving, thanks to what psychologists refer to as the “theory of mind.” While a good cry is sometimes needed, having someone to give you a nudge toward finding a solution can be a game-changer.

3. Broadening social circles
You know the feeling—you walk into a party, and it’s like you’ve stepped into a parallel universe where everyone belongs to cliques as impenetrable as Fort Knox. Having friends from different genders can be your golden ticket in.

According to social penetration theory, varied social experiences lead to richer, more diverse social circles. So, not only does your guy best friend offer a different type of companionship, but he also opens doors to social worlds you might not have accessed otherwise.

4. The decoder of dude-speak
We’ve all been there, right? You get a text from a guy you’re interested in, and it’s just a smiley face. A smiley face! What does that even mean?

Enter your guy best friend, the Rosetta Stone of male behavior. He can offer invaluable insights into the labyrinthine ways of dude-speak, making him a lifesaver when it comes to interpreting mixed signals.

5. The Matchmaker *No, Not the Tinder Kind*
Let’s be real; dating apps can be as unnerving as assembling IKEA furniture—confusing, endless, and you’re never quite sure what you’ll end up with. Your guy best friend offers an alternative: real-life, quality, pre-screened people who you might not have met otherwise.

Mutual introductions can lead to less awkward first dates and potentially even a meaningful connection. How’s that for efficiency?

6. Your go-to plus-one
Weddings, office parties, social gatherings—there’s always that one event where you’d rather eat dirt than go alone. Your guy best friend is your forever reliable plus-one.

This can actually enhance your social standing. Research shows that people who engage in cross-sex friendships are often perceived as more socially skilled.

7. Your drama-free zone
While emotional discussions have their place, sometimes you just want to hang out without dissecting every little feeling.

Having a guy best friend often means fewer emotional roller coasters and more straightforward interactions.

8. The honest wardrobe consultant

Ever tried asking a girlfriend if your outfit is cute and gotten the diplomatic, “It’s… interesting”? Your guy best friend won’t mince words. He’ll give you the brutal truth you sometimes need.

While this honesty may sting a little, it can actually help build radical candor in a relationship, which is the sweet spot between obnoxious aggression and ruinous empathy.

9. The co-ed team advantage
You might have heard of the cheerleader effect—the idea that people look more attractive in groups.

Well, guess what? When you step out with your guy best friend, you’re not just a dynamic duo; you’re a co-ed team that turns heads.

10. The friendzone guardian
Having a guy best friend can help ward off unwanted advances. When a creeper doesn’t get the hint, sometimes just standing next to another guy is enough to send the message. [Read: 17 firm ways to ignore a guy and dodge creepy unwanted male attention]

11. Reality check central
Ever catch yourself daydreaming about that ‘perfect relationship’ and wondering why you’re still single? Your guy best friend serves as a grounding force, reminding you that nobody’s perfect and that’s okay.

He keeps your expectations in check, which is crucial for long-term relationship happiness according to numerous psychological studies.

12. Stress buster extraordinaire
Laughing, joking around, and generally just being silly can lower stress levels. That’s not us talking; that’s science. Researchers have found that friendships can release oxytocin, the “feel-good” hormone that reduces stress and increases feelings of well-being.

With a guy best friend, the laughs are often uncomplicated and free-flowing, making him a natural stress buster.

13. Your personal hype man

Think of your guy best friend as your personal life coach who works pro bono. He believes in you, cheers for you, and boosts your confidence. It’s like having your own pocket-sized Tony Robbins, minus the seminars and high fees.

Self-efficacy, or your belief in your abilities, is a key component of success, and who better to help build that than a devoted best friend?

The Disadvantages: When Platonic Gets Problematic
While the advantages are abundant, there are also some real pitfalls that can make navigating this friendship feel like a tightrope walk.

Don’t worry, though; we’re not here to rain on your parade, just to hand you an umbrella.

1. The jealousy factor
Imagine you’re telling your romantic partner about a fun day out with your guy best friend, and suddenly you notice a change in their expression. Are they envious, or is that just the way their face is?

Jealousy is a natural human emotion, and let’s just say, it doesn’t play nice in the sandbox.

This emotional turbulence is often fueled by what psychologists refer to as attachment Theory. The green-eyed monster may rear its head when your romantic partner feels that the emotional investment isn’t equal, aka. your guy best friend is getting more of your attention than you.

2. The new girlfriend conundrum
Speaking of jealousy, let’s say your guy best friend just got a new girlfriend. Awesome, right? But now, you find that your usual hangout sessions and inside jokes have suddenly become a touchy subject. What gives?

This scenario could turn into a battle of the green-eyed monsters—her jealousy versus your feelings of being sidelined.

Psychologists call this a triadic relationship, which is basically a fancy term for saying that three’s a crowd. Balancing the old and the new can be a delicate act that requires clear communication and boundaries.

3. Misinterpretation of signals
Ah, the dilemma! You and your guy best friend are so in sync that outsiders might mistake you for a couple. What could go wrong? A lot, if someone starts catching feelings.

The social exchange theory sheds light on this, explaining how friendships can get confusing when the perceived costs and benefits become uneven. You might think you’re just being good friends, but he might interpret those ‘friendly’ gestures as romantic signals.

4. Boundary issues
It’s movie night, and you’re sprawled on the couch with your guy best friend. As your hand inches closer to his, you pause. Is this okay, or have you crossed an invisible line?

Drawing a line between what’s acceptable and what’s crossing into ‘relationship territory’ is crucial, but it can get murky in male-female friendships.

5. The feelings quagmire

Picture this: one fine day, your guy best friend says something, and you feel your heart do a little… jump. Uh-oh, are those feelings sneaking in?

This is where things can get, let’s say, complicated. When feelings get involved, the friendship is on thin ice.

You’ve officially approached the “crossing the Rubicon” moment in your relationship. Once crossed, there’s no going back, and the friendship risks becoming irreversibly altered.

6. The date deterrent
You’re out at a bar, your eyes meet with someone across the room, and sparks fly. But wait, what’s this? The potential date spots your guy best friend beside you and makes a U-turn.

It’s a phenomenon backed by mate guarding psychology. The presence of a male best friend can sometimes deter potential romantic interests, who may misinterpret the nature of your friendship as something more.

7. The time-sink trap

Friendships, like any relationship, require time and emotional energy. But when one friendship starts to monopolize your emotional real estate, it can become problematic.

This concept is known in psychology as opportunity costs. Essentially, the time you’re spending with your guy best friend might be time taken away from forming other meaningful relationships, be they other friendships or romantic endeavors.

8. The family feud factor
Introducing a guy best friend to your family can sometimes feel like you’re a contestant on a very awkward game show.

Despite your insistence that it’s platonic, family members may jump to conclusions, causing unnecessary tension.

9. The gendered expectations trap
Even if you and your guy best friend are in perfect sync, society might have other ideas. Social norms theory suggests that societal expectations about how men and women ‘should’ interact can impose limitations on your friendship.

This could mean facing criticism or judgment from others who just can’t wrap their heads around your platonic relationship.

10. The double-standard dilemma 2.0
Here’s a zinger: you notice that people around you are totally cool with your male friends having close friendships with other men, but when it comes to you and your guy best friend, eyebrows shoot up.

It’s not just raised eyebrows; it’s the whispers, the nudges, and the wink-wink implications.

People might readily assume that you’re either secretly in love or enjoying some undercover benefits *if you catch our drift*. [

11. The evolving dynamic
Friendships aren’t static; they evolve. Your guy best friend today could be in a different life stage tomorrow, which can create a gap wider than the Grand Canyon.

Developmental psychology talks about life stages and transitions, and this isn’t just textbook talk—your friendship will need to adapt and change as you both grow.

The “Just Friends” Debate: What Does Science Say?
And now, we’re diving into the “Just Friends” debate—a topic so juicy it could be a prime-time TV drama. Everyone’s got their own opinion, but what does science have to say?

1. Sexual tension: A myth?
You’re at a party with your guy best friend, and someone corners you with the “Is something going on between you two?” question. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

Time for some Freudian real talk. Studies have delved into the subject of sexual attraction between male and female friends. And the result? It’s a mixed bag. While some friendships report an underlying tension, it’s by no means a universal rule.

2. Evolutionary psychology: The hunter-gatherer lens
Have you ever heard that men are “naturally” inclined to “spread their seeds,” making platonic friendships a no-go?

Yeah, science wants to have a word. Evolutionary psychology points out that our hunter-gatherer ancestors had a lot more to worry about than who they were texting. Spoiler alert: being “programmed” to avoid platonic friendships is mostly a modern myth.

3. The longevity factor
So, you’ve been friends with your guy best friend since high school, and now you’re navigating adulthood together. Do these friendships stand the test of time?

Longitudinal studies suggest that cross-sex friendships can be as enduring as same-sex ones, given the right circumstances. Meaning? If both of you are on the same page and communicate openly, you’ve got yourself a friendship for the long haul.

Navigating the Guy Bestie Waters
Now that we’ve gone through the perks and the pitfalls, how do we navigate the choppy waters of having a guy best friend without going overboard?

1. Setting boundaries
Imagine you and your guy best friend chilling and watching a movie when he suddenly rests his head on your lap.

Cute or crossing a line? This is something that you need to personally decide and agree on together if you want this friendship to last. [Read: 25 types, ways, and tips to set boundaries with friends without insulting them]

2. Communication is key
You and your guy best friend are texting late into the night, but something feels off. To get to the bottom of it, a quick “Hey, are we good?” might be in order.

Psychology nerds *guilty as charged!* call this metacommunication—talking about how you communicate. It’s crucial to openly discuss your needs and expectations to prevent any friendship fumbles.

3. Be aware of emotional labor
Ever feel like you’re the one always picking up the emotional slack in your friendship? Like you’re the go-to person for advice, but when you need a listening ear, it’s radio silence?

Hey there, transactional analysis! This theory posits that relationships should not be emotionally draining for just one party.

Make sure the “emotional transactions” are balanced, so you’re not left emotionally bankrupt.

4. Just enjoy the friendship
At the end of the day, why complicate what’s simple? Your guy best friend is your friend, first and foremost. Forget the labels, the societal norms, and the hushed whispers from the peanut gallery.

According to positive psychology, fostering genuine friendships—regardless of gender—contributes to emotional well-being and overall happiness.

So kick back, enjoy your time together, and cherish the friendship for what it is: a unique, irreplaceable connection that adds color to your life.

Can Men and Women Be Just Friends? Yes!
So, let’s circle back to the burning question that started it all: Can men and women be just friends? After weaving through the perks, the downsides, the science, and the strategies, our answer is a resounding yes!

Of course, like anything in life, having a guy best friend comes with its unique set of pros and cons. But honestly, what friendship doesn’t?

And hey, if Harry and Sally can turn a complicated relationship into an iconic friendship, why can’t we all? It’s time to embrace the guy best friend in your life for all the laughs, the late-night talks, and the irreplaceable memories they bring.


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