The Five Top Ear Piercing Trends for 2024

The five hottest ear piercing trends for 2024 according to Laura Bond’s piercers. If you’re a fan of dainty, feminine, solid gold jewellery, you’re going to love these as the trend for multiple ear piercings is going nowhere.

We asked our team of professional piercers for their predictions for ear piercing trends for 2024 and here’s what they have to say:

Piercing: Double tragus

What is a double tragus piercing?

This gorgeous, subtle placement goes through the small cartilage flap that partially covers the ear canal.

A double tragus piercing is when two separate piercings are performed on this placement.

Our Boutique Manager and Piercer Lora Rose says:

“I have a feeling that double tragus piercings are going to kick off once again – I love seeing older style piercings come back.

Laura Bond’s tiny solid gold flat back studs look absolutely gorgeous styled together in a double tragus piercing.

I would recommend checking with your piercer before getting a double tragus piercing to ensure you have the correct anatomy and enough space.”

Piercing: Conch

What is a conch piercing?

The conch, which gets its name from the ear’s resemblance to a conch shell, is located in the inner cup part of your ear.

Our Head Piecer Sarah Crowe says:

“I have been piercing for 25 years and have seen a huge rise in people getting conch piercings recently.

You can get your conch pierced once, twice or even three times if you want to maximise the jewellery you can wear.

No two people’s ear anatomy is the same but there’s always a piece of Laura Bond jewellery that nestles in a conch piercing perfectly.”

Piercing: Daith

What is a daith piercing?

Daith piercings hug and pass through the innermost part of the ear cartilage.

Our Founder and Creative Director Laura Bond says:

“Daith piercings have quickly become one of the most popular piercings to get at Laura Bond and we don’t see the trend stopping anytime soon.

For comfort and maximum impact, we would recommend wearing a front facing hoop designed specifically for daith piercings.

We would advise against wearing in-ear ear phones while your daith piercing is healing to restrict the jewellery from being pushed into your ear which can delay the healing process. You can wear over the head headphones in the meantime.

The hoops you can wear in a daith piercing are just so beautiful – it’s my favourite placement to design jewellery for.”

Piercing: Stacked lobe

What is a stacked lobe piercing?

A stacked lobe piercing is when there are multiple piercings at different heights on your lobes.

Sometimes they will be in vertical alignment, but they might also be designed in triangular placements or even constellation positions.

Our Guest Piercer Sarah Gregory says:

“I love doing a stacked lobe piercing because they always end up looking so different on every ear.

They are often planned at the start of a customers ear curation journey but they’re also a clever way of balancing out piercings that have been pierced too high or low for their liking.

I’ve been piercing now for 17 years and stacked lobe piercings are hugely growing in popularity.

They also have a comparatively low healing time compared to other cartilage piercings which is a total win! 

I would recommend checking with a reputable piercer before your appointment to ensure you have enough space and the correct ear anatomy for a stacked lobe piercing.”

Piercing: Flat helix

What is a flat helix piercing?

A flat helix piercing is located in the flat area of cartilage in the upper ear.

A flat helix can be pierced once to act as the centrepiece of a curated ear, or it might also be pierced multiple times in a random series or to imitate constellations.

Our Head Piercer Sarah says:

“If you’re thinking about getting your first cartilage piercing, a flat helix is a great one to go for.

Because it’s tucked away from the edge of the ear, it doesn’t snag as much as a standard helix might do. 

Generally everyone has suitable ear anatomy that can accommodate a flat helix piercing.

It’s a beautiful placement to let you express your personal style with chains, dangles or gorgeous statement climber studs.”



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