Introducing Kaylee, a Pennsylvania native, and her father Noel, the dynamic duo behind Bougee Girl Candles—a distinctive upscale candle company committed to health and innovation. United by a shared passion for uncompromising well-being, Kaylee and Noel sought to revolutionize the industry. Leveraging Kaylee’s fresh outlook and Noel’s seasoned expertise, Bougee Girl Candles has become a pioneer of innovation, offering a carefully curated collection of handcrafted, super-healthy fragrant candles that seamlessly blend sophistication, cutting-edge design, affordable prices, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Beyond redefining candle making, this father-daughter team fosters a sense of community, inclusivity, and open dialogue about intimate well-being. Join Bougee Girl Candles on a journey where candles and health converge, thanks to the visionary dedication of Kaylee and Noel.




100% Pure Beeswax & Coconut Wax Odor Eliminating Candles

Indulge in the epitome of opulence with Boujee Girl Candles. Immerse yourself in the sublime experience of our thoughtfully crafted candles, meticulously composed with non-toxic coconut and beeswax to ensure a burn that is both pristine and health-conscious. Revel in the essence of pure scents, free from concerns about soot or harmful chemicals. Our commitment to quality is evident in the absence of fillers, dyes, paraffin, and Phthalates! Each candle is a masterpiece, handcrafted with utmost care and presented in exquisite Large Black Infinity Tins featuring a sophisticated silver interior, sleek straight sides, and a seamlessly fitting lid. Alternatively, luxuriate in our candles encased in stunning clear glass Libbey jars! Prioritizing safety, our candles boast 100% cotton wicks and natural fragrances. Embrace the daring sophistication and timeless elegance embodied by Boujee Girl Candles!

Our Packaging

Experience the art of gifting with our captivating packaging, exuding vibrant colors and exquisite design that make it an ideal choice for any occasion. Behold the front of the box, showcasing a stunning image of our unique crazy candle labels, allowing you to instantly identify the treasure within. Furthermore, a concise description of the ingredients graces the front, providing you with complete transparency. As you flip the box, a captivating image of the candle fragrance unfolds, accompanied by a detailed description of its aromatic composition. Also available is our holiday-themed cylinder packaging! Delve into the essence that awaits your senses. But that’s not all—on the back, we present a series of compelling bullet points, illuminating the health-conscious aspects that make our candles a truly wise and beneficial selection. Elevate your gift-giving experience with our alluring packaging, where beauty meets information in perfect harmony.

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